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  1. Radu094

    Star Wars Force Awakens [Spoiler thread]

    Or build a weapon several orders of magnitude bigger than the Death Star 2.0, which the Empire built whilst having most of the galaxy's resources at it's disposal. It's like ISIS suddenly building a carrier 10 times the size of USS Eisenhower. Because f*ck logic; the movie was good: "look how...
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    Star Wars Force Awakens [Spoiler thread]

    Somebody needs to explain that Huffington guy the relationship between distance, speed and time ;) This was one of the first things that bothered me as a 6-year-old watching ESB: The Millenium Falcon's hyperdrive was not working. Getting to Bespin or any nearby system at sublight speed could...
  3. Radu094

    Asteroid 2012 DA14 Flight Path

    Boy, what a view that little lump of rock must have had!
  4. Radu094

    Meteoroid explosion in Russia

    Isn't that kinda rare/unusual? Granted, this has been a long time ago, but I distinctly remember something on disk accretion about the imposibility of asteroids either forming or remaining in low perihelion (or inner solar systems) orbits, and that they preffer the quieter and colder places of...
  5. Radu094

    Meteoroid explosion in Russia

    Ok, something's been puzzling me about the impact being at 9:30 am. So either the object was orbiting prograde but at a slower vel than Earth's, or it was retrograde. Both of which, I imagine, are pretty unlikely... I was always under expectation that a big asteroid should impact between 12pm...
  6. Radu094

    Fictional multiple star system question

    I've been woking on accretion disk simulations for the last couple of years. Granted, it isn't a profesional simulator, but it's a pretty solid piece of engineering. After some "billion" simulations I've never encountered a stable quintuple, not without manually tinkering with the system anyway...
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    Trying to prove a student in my physics class wrong

    According to Kepler (and many others), a orbit must describe either an ellipse, a parabola or a hyperbola. Without adding or removing energy from the orbiting body it will never describe a spiral (which is what you are drawing there). Then use the polar equation for an ellipse: R(T) =...
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    Problem oapiSaveScenario causes access violation

    Hmm.. funny one! indeed sprintf SHOULD produce an equivalent string as strcpy, provided you do not have conversion specificators(ie. "%s")in the name.Also, IIRC, there was a difference in the way multi-byte-characters are treated, but that shoudln't matter either. Anyway, I guess it's water...
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    Humor Children's questions, most feared by British parents

    LOL! Well, somebody had to post this: A bit long, but well worth it..
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    Relative vector rotation in cartesian space

    Just to make sure I understood: you want to apply a rotation to a vector (V1) with an angle 'a' , around axis V2 And you want to have V2 be the Y-axis in V1's frame of reference. Now the problem is that one vector does not a frame of reference make. ie you need at least 2 vectors to properly...
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    Flight Question Is it Okay to maintain -10 pitch during the launch

    Yes. 300km ApA seems a bit much for starting the second stage. I have no idea what the actual Titan profile was, but as a rule of thumb aim you ApA to be 10-15% below your intended MECO altitude at staging. Then on the second stage aim to keep that ApA constant (adjust it to your intended MECO...
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    Flight Question Is it Okay to maintain -10 pitch during the launch

    Reducing thrust to meet MECO objectives is wasteful as you are essentially fighting off gravity loss for no gain what so ever.(ie. part of your engines burn so that you do not fall) If the launch profile wasn't sufficient to meet the expected MECO (VS=0 , V= Vcirc ,etc) I usually call on a...
  13. Radu094

    Flight Question Is it Okay to maintain -10 pitch during the launch

    If you launch from a body w/out atmosphere, the optimum pitch profile implies tan(pitch) to decrease linearly over time, such that pitch=0 and VerticalSpeed=0 at MECO (ie. you are at Pe). Anything else is suboptimal. When you add the atmosphere things get complicated. You want to climb above...
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    Request Communication MFD

    Well, thinking in terms of normal ATS comm: the ATC has a limited number of digits and letters to speak when identifying a craft: YR854 becomes yankee romeo eight five four,etc. There is little to suggest any future ?STC? system will not employ a similar feature; assuming it will be done by...
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    C++ Question Generating "random" numbers

    This could be overkill but I've been using Newran in my work for quite some time. As others have pointed out before, it's not the "randomness" that's the useful part here, but the various distributions it allows you to generate. This allows you to bind these random numbers directly to a...
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    [News] Sun and planets may have formed differently

    Oh, great! I've been working on a solar disk accretion program for the past 6 months, then these guys show up. I wanna have a talk to Isaac Newton... right now !!:facts:
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    News A Russian Suggests Using Shuttles for Flights to the Moon

    Hey, I completely forgot about that Dream Chaser.... Do they have any timetable for the first intended manned tests?
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    News A Russian Suggests Using Shuttles for Flights to the Moon

    Alas, I'm afraid there will be a loong time before someone (realistically) even starts desiging a new space plane:(
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    Trying to "create" an equation

    Just as a starting point, you could start with 2 assumptions: 1.The accuracy of the device decreases with the cube of the distance to destination StandardError(distance) = constant * distance^3 2. Pick a specific STD error value (3 meters) at a specific distance (50 meters). STD error...
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    Trying to "create" an equation

    Ok, if it is teleport rather than missile/lasers, then Martin's equations are back on the table and your targeting precission should drop by 1/r^3 as he had demonstrated