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    Logitech X56 & Fly-By-Wire

    I am trying to use my Logitech x56 in Orbiter. The setup that I currently have works most of the time but when it breaks, it takes a while to fix it & I don't know what exactly fixes it. I use the stick with the vanilla joystick programming for aero surfaces & RCS thrusters which works...
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    Problem Not able to load in while aircraft in flight

    I have just reinstalled Orbiter 2016 after fixing my computer & I have come across a situation where when I try to load a quicksave where the aircraft is in flight, orbiter crashes to desktop. I tried switching to a different vessel that was not in flight but that had no effect. I never had this...
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    Project HOTAS - A new add-on to provide comprehensive Joystick support

    What happened to this project. Having trouble binding my HOTAS to Orbiter controls