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  1. Arthur Dent

    Flight Simulator X Thread

    For the DX10 mode, you could Steve's DX10 Fixer a shot. It solves lots of issues with the DX10 Preview mode. It's not free, though, but it's quite popular with the community because it greatly enhances the DX10 Preview mode. A good alternative could also be Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d V2, which...
  2. Arthur Dent

    OHM Spacecraft3 to DLL&C++ converter 141006

    As always, a very useful tool. :) I would suggest re-implementing the C++ code output, as it could provide inexperienced programmers a good learning tool.
  3. Arthur Dent

    Vessel Von Braun spacecraft

    There is a website by a special effect artist, who is making a movie that includes this rocket. Maybe this has some useful inspiration for you: He's been working on it for more than 10 years (actually the Orbiter community made me aware of this project a loooong time ago)...
  4. Arthur Dent

    [GER] Deutsch Training

    Deutscher Slapstick Humor, der ein die Abrahams, Zucker, Abrahams Filme erinnert (Airplane!, The Naked Gun, etc) wäre z.B. "Der Wixxer" und dessen Fortsetzung "Neues vom Wixxer". Die Filme spielen in England und erinnern die (in Deutschland sehr populären) Edgar Wallace Krimis der 1950er bis...
  5. Arthur Dent

    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.13, Mar 7, 2015)

    I totally second that. It would also improve visual quality by a lot. All landmasses need something like a random noise microtexture spread over it. I think Artlav implemented it with his old OpenGL based graphics/terrain client (I could be wrong, though). Water masses could have a bigger...
  6. Arthur Dent

    The Orbiter-Forum Hypothesis

    the last words should be something like "I wonder what this button does"
  7. Arthur Dent

    Gaming Bohemia Interactive Take On Mars

    It's $12.99/€9.99/£8.99 for the Early Access / Paid Beta version Aaaand... bought.
  8. Arthur Dent

    General Question Map keys directly to linear and rotational RCS

    I'm not quite sure (as in: I haven't tested this yet), but it seems that the Fly by Wire Addon might be what your're looking for: Fly-By-Wire 0.9.1 beta In case this only works with Joystick buttons, you can also install an application called "Joy2Key" which can map Joystick inputs on a keyboard.
  9. Arthur Dent

    Question Mobile phone choice.

    There were several reasons: I liked the iPhone 4. A decent, fast phone with an amazing display resolution. But I was unimpressed with the iPhone 5. It was a logical evolution but no innovative revolution. IMHO it lacked the "Wow, I must have it"-factor. When a friend of mine showed me his...
  10. Arthur Dent

    Question Mobile phone choice.

    Hi Notebook, I still have a decent iPhone 4 lying around at home (in Germany, but you can use any USB charger). PM if you're interested. I replaced it with an HTC One S when my 2-year plan ended.
  11. Arthur Dent

    Project genericvessel - spacecraft3 and multistage2 replacement project

    I view the genericvessel project as something that will be an improvement on- and also an alternative to SC3. So IMHO, you should define a better syntax for multiple meshes. In general, if you can make things better than SC3, you should. If it breaks legacy support, people could still resort...
  12. Arthur Dent

    space sims

    NASA's Moonbase Alpha
  13. Arthur Dent

    Velcro Rockets

    I understand. Well if total customization is too complicated to implement, how about a few more particle options? Maybe the HYBRID option without the dark particles (just the yellow flame) and without the pink "billboard" texture in the middle. And of course, the ability to throttle the HYBRID...
  14. Arthur Dent

    Velcro Rockets

    Thanks for the suggestion. I could do that for the same effect. True. But I want to use the particle effects for the exhaust flame. And not just on the ground, but all the way up. I've experimented with that on a multistage.dll rocket and it gave very satisfying results. Having this in a velcro...
  15. Arthur Dent

    Velcro Rockets

    I'm using velcro rockets for my latest project, as it has some major advantages over multistage.dll (as Donamy pointed out, you could easily reate a multi stage rocket with a VC). :thumbup: It would be cool, if velcro rockets would support more customisation of the exhaust. Especially a bit...
  16. Arthur Dent

    General Question Moving launch-platform - how to move the attached rocket

    You are right. For manned launcher it is a big issue. For an unmanned launcher, I can live with that. But at the point where one want to put a capsule on that launcher, VCs are quite important. Maybe we can kindly ask sputnik to put mor exhaust/particle flexibility in the velcro rockets.
  17. Arthur Dent

    General Question Moving launch-platform - how to move the attached rocket

    Although velcro has one major disadvantage: you cannot define custom exhaust particle streams other than SRB. This is almost a major show stopper for me. Multistage.dll might be the better option for multistage + booster rockets
  18. Arthur Dent

    General Question Moving launch-platform - how to move the attached rocket

    Impressive! It never occurred to me before, to use the robot arm feature for anything else than a robot arm, until a few days ago. Is the booster that you use on your Jason craft based on multistage.dll or SC3/velcro?
  19. Arthur Dent

    General Question Moving launch-platform - how to move the attached rocket

    Ah. That enplanes a lot. This wasn't emphesized like that in the spacecraft.pdf documentation. You should change your user-title to "SC3 Guru", Donamy! :)
  20. Arthur Dent

    General Question Moving launch-platform - how to move the attached rocket

    Appendix: The TIP_1, TIP_2 and TIP_3 coordinates need to be very close together.