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    Question GPCMFD

    Sorry for the late response, I don't visit here very often nowadays. To launch the shuttle fleet you do use GFCMFD. The keys required are in the manual - select OPS1 and input '777' to start the launch sequence.
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    General Question Satellite recovery

    100km is a long way out. If you can already dock with the ISS simply use the same rv techniques to get close to your target. My tutorial for Soyuz to MIR explains the techniques... Soyuz to MIR Tutorial
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    OHM Configuration FIles for Piper's Various Station Modules

    Whilst I have you, so to speak, can I take the opportunity to thank you for your great work on the Energia-M? Must be one of my most used launchers.
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    OHM Configuration FIles for Piper's Various Station Modules

    I do like these modules. However I found that they work beautifully using the dll converter (including the animations), which avoids the limitations of spacecraft3.
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    News HMS Belfast (C35) 80 yrs old.

    Yes, RN 6" guns, including those on Belfast used separate propellant in silk bags.
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    News USS Lexington: Lost WW2 aircraft carrier found after 76 years

    1.1" quads - used on many USN platforms. Fitted to Lady Lex in 1942 to replace her 8" turrets shortly before her final action.
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    Problem STS Historical Scenarios CTD

    If you are using the scenarios with pylonmfd that no longer works. You have to do significant amount of editing to get those scenarios to work (but it is possible).
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    General Question Space Shuttle launch window

    Never tried it, but I see no reason why not. I have found that if you subtract a couple of degrees off the 'proper' azimuth that seems about right for SF.
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    General Question Space Shuttle launch window

    After much experimentation, I have nailed the shuttle fleet launch and alignment, at least to my own satisfaction. Absolutely no need to use launch MFD (Good, but too complex for my simple brain to process) and no messing about with yawing during the ascent either. A successful launch to a low...
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    Greetings from Budapest

    Jo napot!
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    Flying with instruments only

    Use the external mfds and drag them into a size which obscures the external view...
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    Vessel Gemini 5

    Yes, the REP (radar evaluation pod). I think estar included one in his version, but I don't think that it is compatible with current versions of orbiter.
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    OHM Project Gemini

    Gemini remains my favourite 1960s project, and I love this add-on. However, as others have noted, there can be problems with it. Specifically: 1. Crashes on stage separation when using autopilot. 2. Even when (1) does not occur, the autopilot does not tend to get close enough to target...
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    Fun With Naval Terminology

    Lots (mostly from the sailing days): 'copper-bottomed' - as in 'good' 'brass monkey weather' - freezing cold 'taken aback' 'sailing close to the wind' 'taking (or delivering) a broadside'
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    Fun With Naval Terminology

    In the Royal Navy c. WW1, light cruisers were designed for two primary roles: 1. Fast scouts for the Grand Fleet. HSF used them the same way. 2. As destroyer squadron leaders - primarily as they had a bit more room for staff. They were sometimes used independently for commerce...
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    Installation Earth1962 version not available for Orbiter 2010?

    Hi Dehat, I wouldn't bother. Mercury does not work with orbiter 2010 anyway, so that is a complete non-starter. The two more recent gemini add-ons do, and there is no need for earth1962. Just edit the included scenarios to switch to the 'standard' earth: BEGIN_ENVIRONMENT System Sol (instead...
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    Hardware Joystick?

    No, not you - the OP...
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    Hardware Joystick?

    Why can't you find a usb numpad? Much more useful than a joystick for orbiter - they are about £5 on ebay.
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    General Question Why is Luna called "Moon" in-Game?

    It is. Technically 'Luna' is the name of Earth's moon.