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    Problem Using Shuttle Fleet 4.8 or Velcro, try to launch, collapses

    When I try to launch the Space Shuttle from (Shuttle Fleet v4.8) or the rockets from the Velcro Launchers (can be found on Orbithangar), it seems when the engine gets ignited the vehicle collapses. Is anybody having the same issue or not?
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    OHM Mesh Wizard 1.9d

    It does not work for me, and I'm using 64-bit Windows 7. Is there any other way I can do this?
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    Ariane Launch Family Upgrade 2010-11-23

    I've been modifying these Ariane config files to reflect different versions - and near-realistic performance - of the Ariane launch vehicle famiies - the Ariane 1/2/3 family, the very-popular Ariane 4 family, and the heavy-lift Ariane 5 family. This package includes the config files of Ariane 1...
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    OHM Delta 4 Heavy Lifter

    Are you thinking about support for Spacecraft3 vehicles? It seems that I cannot do it with this, unlike Multistage2, which can support Spacecraft3 vehicles...
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    Announcement Orbit Hangar Mods Logins Reactivated

    So what and why it happened on the recent data mining attack?
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    OHM Proton Launch Vehicle v.2.2

    I actually modified the Proton scenarios to allow more baseline Proton-K and Proton-M configurations, including the usage of the Breeze-M upper stage on the Proton-K - it did happen!
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    OHM Baikonur 2010: Surface Tiles v1.0

    Very great add-on! I do recommend it! (I actually have all of those add-ons that you listed...)
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    OHM Delta 4 Heavy Lifter

    Now I'm really wondering if we could carry over some of the technologies to Atlas V and Delta II, that's what I'm thinking... And for those, maybe also a greater array of flexibility options because of its interchangeability through options for how many boosters (SRB/GEMs; Atlas V: two HLV CCB...
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    OHM Delta 4 Heavy Lifter

    Thanks so much! I'm quite interested for this...
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    OHM Delta 4 Heavy Lifter

    Thanks for showing us updates - it's quite interesting! What are some of the enhancements you are planning to provide us?
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    OHM Delta 4 Heavy Lifter

    I also want ULA on the fairings - ULA has the responsibility of the EELV, including the Delta IV Heavy! Maybe you should also make variants of the Delta IV - the Medium variants (Medium base, (4,2) with solid rocket motors, and (5,2) and (5,4) with fairing the same width as the Heavy)!
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    OHM International Space Station v.3.2

    When using SSRMS, don't press F1, or else, it will crash! Other than that, works fine.
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    OHM Smorgasbord.

    FOOD!!! Maybe it's great for those ISS missions...
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    OHM Inflatable Gas Station.

    This doesn't seem high-quality - it looks a bit too basic.
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    OHM Realistic background

    I don't know if I should try it out...
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    OHM CVEL Titans v1.36

    Apparently it does not work with Orbiter 100606 - the scenario loads, but it doesn't show up anything. Could you try to fix this?
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    OHM Launch Complex 39 Fully built out

    Are you thinking about a version for the Hi-Res KSC?
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    OHM Antares Manned Spacecraft 2.51

    I'm thinking about this: Could you try to put UMMU support?