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    Pilot 'a hero' for emergency ocean landing

    Why is he a hero? Running out of fuel (even on a mercy flight) generally makes you a clown, not a hero.
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    NASA studies Ares rocket alternatives

    More cost effective.
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    Contacting Astronauts

    He got a little annoyed about being spammed by countless people wanting things from him (as his email was actually on the 'net due to his scientific papers).
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    Contacting Astronauts

    Cunningly the astronauts all have email addresses. Judicious use of the grey matter can show how to get the first piece of their email... Give it a go with Piers Sellers, I hear he loves that. ;)
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    Poll Sex Education

    Yes, I am. No, it shouldn't be required for graduation. No, it causes more problems than it solves. No, school isn't a damn support group. People learn stuff like that by themselves. Yes. Also, people actually get taught that abstenance is a viable idea? That must result in a lot of very...
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    how to build a rocket?

    Which is why they're fun. ;)
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    Science New Scientist article on "Clever Fools"

    New Scientist. :uhh:
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    Is Space flight worth it?

    I like this bit: We can live in hope ;)
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    Orbiter Distribution - Torrents

    Tell them to sort it out. A lot of science data is distributed by torrents. Tell them it'll increase their research potential.
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    NASA Moonwalker claims alien cover-up

    Don't forget aircraft. The A380 and whatever the new Boeing is called both used genetic algorithms in their development.
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    NASA Moonwalker claims alien cover-up

    Really? How about genetic algorithms for performance optimisation? Quite a few launch vehicles use those (in part) and they're based on evolutionary theory.
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    Question What teams do you support?

    Football: Djurgårdens IF in the Allsvenskan (for now), but I'm a fan of Arsenal in the EPL too. Handball: FC København. Ice Hockey: Vancouver Canucks. American football: New England Patriots. (edit) And in Formula 1 I support whatever team Kimi is driving for, but also every team that...
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    NASA Moonwalker claims alien cover-up

    Perhaps it just does what it wants.. Perhaps it just does whatever makes ithappy, like throwing beachballs onto football pitches or making a bar run out of tasty snacks. Probably a whole lot more fun than sitting aroudn on a cloud somewhere being good all day long. That must get boring after an...
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    NASA Moonwalker claims alien cover-up

    That sounds like a convienient way of avoiding the need for any proof of all this spiritual stuff. ;) Anyway, doesn't the bible talk about miracles? Those are in the physical universe and thus must be explorable through scientific method. Because it's well known that Mitchell is two slices...
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    NASA Moonwalker claims alien cover-up

    My lord, that's incredibly hard to read. Anyway, what's with the 3 categories? What if I'm a Muslim or a Jew? Still, believing in made up things is good fun, be them aliens or otherwise. I used to believe that ghostbusters was real.
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    NASA Moonwalker claims alien cover-up

    I think the obvious conclusion here is that I'm right, Ed Mitchell is wrong and you all owe me a beer.
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    Question Problems connecting PC with TV

    Are you using a laptop? Quite a lot of those can't manage HDMI sound. A couple of things to try: 1) Set HDMI sound to be the default sound output BEFORE starting whatever program will be making the sound. 2) Set HDMI to be default, then restart PC. 3) Switch the TV+PC off before plugging in the...
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    Question Problems connecting PC with TV

    I used to have one of those (well, 5404: which I presume is more or less the same), and it can only do 780p or whatever it's called. 1080p doesn't work. Philips 5600 and above are the 1080p ones, 5400 are 780p. Also, if you're seeing red weird lines then try cleaning the hdmi cable. Mine did...
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    News Rio de Janeiro wins Olympic in 2016

    Thank god that's over. The entire city was pretty much shut down yesterday when the Obama circus was here. I hate to think how much it cost us to host the vote, andI hate to think how much money was wasted with Obama coming all the way over for 5 whole hours, he's had security teams here for two...
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    LHC & Time based experiments?

    The relativistic effects are a pain in the ass for the LHC, they have to account for them in shaping the magnetic fields and in taking measurements from all the experiments. (edit) Oh, I've just realised that this thread is a year old.