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  1. Krikkit

    News Vulcan: ULA's Next Generation Launcher

    Which executive's 7 year old son was allowed to pick the finalist? I think they may have stacked the deck for eagle, but I'm with statickid. I just cast about a hundred votes for GalaxyOne just so stick it to them. Though 'muh Freedom rocket' could be funny too.
  2. Krikkit

    Grad School in the US

    Most universities have a >3.0/4 GPA requirement, but I had ~3.4/4 coming out of my bachelors and was rejected by 2/3 of the grad schools I applied to. Try to finish strong. I don't think taking 6 years will hurt. On your entrance essays and stuff emphasize your practical and professional...
  3. Krikkit

    Humor Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear host, suspended by BBC

    This is a tragedy. I love Top Gear, Clarkson, and the chemistry of the hosts. Without Clarkson I may as well be watching US Top Gear. (Which I actually think has gotten a little better.) BBC has had it in for Clarkson for a long time. I watch a lot of British TV. Other BBC personalities...
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    Launch News Soyuz 2.1b / Fregat launch with Meteor-M No. 2 and 6 other satellites, July 8, 2014

    Right. How did I not notice I was in the wrong thread?:facepalm:
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    Launch News Soyuz 2.1b / Fregat launch with Meteor-M No. 2 and 6 other satellites, July 8, 2014

    Spaceflight Now is reporting Roscosmos has lost contact.
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    News Comcast customer rep refuses to cancel service

    A couple years ago when I moved into my new place my life turned into a nightmare worthy of a Franz Kafka novel. While the Postal Service was the worst to deal with, Comcast was right up there. - One month before moving in I call Comcast to have tv and internet installed in my new place - Two...
  7. Krikkit

    Information Request

    No, radio waves do not slow down. Radio waves are the preferred means of communication, though collimated visible light has been used. So far the band width has been pretty low for optical comunications, but NASA is pushing the technology. You can read about some of that here...
  8. Krikkit

    Scenario Maintaining Shuttle Atlantis in orbit after launch

    What inclination are you using? You will waste a lot of fuel trying to orbit at an inclination below your launchpad. Remember orbiting is mostly about velocity, not altitude. I have had Atlantis maintain a orbit at altitudes below 150km. You need to plan your trajectory so that you reach orbital...
  9. Krikkit

    News Russia eyes Soyuz upgrades for mission around the moon

    As I understand it the upgraded Soyuz would launch on the old faithful Soyuz FG. There is no better man-rated LV in the world, IMO. The Soyuz would dock with a separate habitation module and transfer stage, which would be launched seperatly, probably on a Proton. Imbedded pic doesn't seem...
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    Poll How much time do you need to sleep ?

    On workdays, if I don't get at least 8 hours I will fall asleep at my desk. But I think this is boredom. On the weekends when there are chores and socializing to do I can go two or three nights straight with 4 hours or less and feel wide awake all day. Left to my own rhythms I will generally...
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    Free floating debris inside an accelerating spacecraft, heavy handed social commentary, and absolutely confusing character motivations at the end. Other than that, I enjoyed it. I really liked the attention to detail and the designs of the various technologies.
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    Question Best Film Ever?

    Always been my favorite But if you are going to watch it you need to makes sure to get the extended directors cut. For some reason they have deleted all the funniest scenes even from the standard blu-ray.
  13. Krikkit

    Lagrangian Mechanics

    If I am reading this right(which was not easy in this script), your second partial should just = 0.
  14. Krikkit

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    The book only involved V-2s with a nuke being launched from southern England to London. Whomever made the adaptation went a little overboard trying to entertain a post Apollo world.
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    Discussion How do you sell the idea of space exploration to the 'joe public'?

    I think space has already been sold to the public. I notice that space related stories on BBC news are always high ranked in the most read column. Like today, Elon Musk's comments about Ariane V are second only to the ongoing Gaza bombardment. I think the interest is there, the enthusiasm is...
  16. Krikkit

    Tube electronics in space?

    Tubes were superior to solid state devices for high frequency applications well into the 1960s in the US and probably longer in the USSR. Plus you could run higher currents through them and prevent the need for further amplification. But the waste heat and power inefficiencies make for an...
  17. Krikkit

    New Star Wars movies confirmed (NO SPOILERS!)

    For all you original trilogy purist you can get "Despecialized" editions online. They are high definition original, theatrical cuts. But you better get them fast. While Lucasfilms has not only turned a blind eye to fan edits, they have even encouraged them, Disney might have a different...
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    New Star Wars movies confirmed (NO SPOILERS!)

    But the thing is, Avengers 2 is scheduled to come out the same summer. So would you rather have Whedon directing the new Star Wars, or Avengers 2?
  19. Krikkit

    Giant Hurricane Sandy

    No, but the Syrians have.