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    Project Blender Mesh Tools add-on

    I never test with non-english settings, but I'll give that a shot and see if I can duplicate and do something about it.
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    API Question SetControlSurfaceLevel "Permanent" and "Transient" Behavior?

    Yes, when the autopilot is shut off, the control setting should be set to 0. That's how my atmospheric auto pilots all work.
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    Project Blender Mesh Tools add-on

    I'm guessing the material is not using nodes, so there is no 'Image Texture' node. Is this an older file you are now trying to use with Blender 3.x? If you can post/send a file I can take a look. It should not error like that without nodes, but I'm always finding new little nooks and crannies...
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    Vangelis, Les chariots de feu, Blade runner.

    And don't forget Cosmos. A very unique musician. My wife was a bit teary at hearing this today, his music has been part of the soundtrack of both of our lives for a long time.
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    Advanced Question Help with Static Libraries (.lib) and classes

    Opps, try this: CREWMEMBER* me = (CREWMEMBER*)context;
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    Advanced Question Help with Static Libraries (.lib) and classes

    if (msgid == MY_MESSAGE) { CREWMEMBER me = (CREWMEMBER*)context; sprintf (oapiDebugString(), "WEIGHT: %0.2f", me->weight); } Try this change. You are sending the address of your struct, so treat it like a pointer in the clbkGeneric method. That should work.
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    Advanced Question Help with Static Libraries (.lib) and classes

    // Define MY_GENERIC_MSG in some header that both ShuttlePB and OEMFUNCTION have access to int MY_GENERIC_MSG = VMSG_USER + <some number>; // this creates a unique message you will recognize ... BOOL OEMUFUNCTION::EVASelectedCrew(OBJHANDLE h) { VESSEL v* = oapiGetVesselInterface(h); //...
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    Advanced Question Help with Static Libraries (.lib) and classes

    It means OEMFUNCTION must be a class that publicly inherits from at least VESSEL2. VESSEL4 is the latest, you may as well use that. class OEMFUNCTION : public VESSEL4 { // your class def... }; It means instances of OEMFUNCTION are vessels, or to be precise, at least VESSEL2's. If it does...
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    Advanced Question Help with Static Libraries (.lib) and classes

    You still need to check that the vessel you are casting is indeed (at least) version 2. Not all stock vessels are VESSEL2, so they will throw a runtime error if you try and dynamic_cast it to VESSEL2. if (vInterface->Version() >= 2) { dynamic cast } else {bail}
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    Advanced Question Help with Static Libraries (.lib) and classes That post, and thread (its short) may be helpful. Summary, VESSEL is not polymorphic and will not work with dynamic_cast. VESSEL2 is, so check the version and cast. If you don't check for...
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    Roadmap proposal - Orbiter development

    First, thanks to those who are pushing Orbiter forward, I have been involved for a long time and would hate to see it die. My thoughts: I think a final x86 release is important, as that is where all the existing addons run (speaking of 2016 version). This should be as simple to download and...
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    Advanced Question Help with Static Libraries (.lib) and classes

    If VESSEL is the VESSEL from Orbiter, it has a constructor that looks like this: VESSEL (OBJHANDLE hVessel, int fmodel = 1); You will need a similar constructor to pass those values to the base. I may not understand what you are trying to do however.
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    C++ Question Help Compiling a Vessel Class in Visual Studio 2022

    Make sure you are using C++ Language Standard of c++ 14 or 17. I get those linking/compile errors if set to c++ 20. I am also using the Platform toolset 'Visual Studio 2022 (v143)' Those settings are in the project configuration under 'general'. Otherwise, I am using VS 2022 ok. (community...
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    Project Blender Mesh Tools add-on

    So far I have found no issues running on Blender 3.0, and no, I have no plans to port this to FreeCAD. The source is on github if someone thought it would be useful in FreeCAD they can take a crack at it.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Thanks jarmonik, adding the 'D' to the mesh file texture resolved the issue.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I'm getting an error running SR71-R with the latest D3D9Client branch from github. Orbiter.log is below. This appears to be happening while I'm trying to bitblt the MFD buttons from a texture. Thanks.
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    OHM Better ISS

    FYI, Gimp now exports directly to DDS without a plugin. Supports DXT1, 3, 5 with many options. Works very well.
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    Orbiter is now open source

    Martin, thank you. There is tremendous talent and knowledge in this community and I am looking forward to see how it can be used to keep Orbiter relevant and fresh. I think this will also renew some interest in add-on development now that there is some clarity on a path forward.