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    African Power?

    I'd say that the whole of southern Africa (Botswana, South Africa, Namibia) is a potential power. They have basic to advanced infrastructure, relatively stable political climate and natural resources. What those countries need right now is a non-corrupt government which is highly unlikely, as it...
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    Does the New Horizons probe carry a message?

    Quoted from Wikipedia. There doesn't seem to be a plaque like the Voyager probes.
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    Request An odd request for a friend... Chevy Cobalt

    Yeah, it looks extremely detailed. Most of the time that just requires some removing of details you can't see or are barely noticeable. Take a good look at the mesh, then decide; What can I get rid off? It looks like a nice mesh though. Nice modeling.
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    What you got in your Ctrl+C/X now?

    [15:46:32] Mahijawanna > <url=contract:30002510//35079165>Noctis</url> Cheap only 50mil Copy from EVE Online local chat.
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    Internet Please join our site!! True Explorers

    May I ask what your site offers that the combination of this forum and Orbithangar doesn't have?
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    Launch News Mystery missile launched off US Pacific Coast near LA

    This is what the cameraman who filmed it says about it:
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    Launch News Mystery missile launched off US Pacific Coast near LA

    If this was a plane wouldn't there be lots of contrails from other jets as it's not far from LA?
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    OHM Space Station Hercules

    Please make the consideration if the addon is interesting for others or only good for your own use. Don't release addons for the sake of releasing addons.
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    Humor Nigerian Astronaut needs YOUR help!

    GaryW: Please place it on this site: You can see some other examples of hilarious scams there.
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    Poll What is the worst software bug ever?

    The patch for EVE Online which replaced the boot.ini of Windows instead of EVE on some versions of XP. Off-topic: Moach, you might want to check out this game in development:
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    Wernher von Braun. Hero or Murderer?

    The reason I start this thread because I'd like to know your opinion about von Braun. The problem I got with this man is because a family-member (husband of the sister of my grandma) of me has spent time in camp Dora in WW 2. Everytime I see a reference to von Braun as a hero of science I must...
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    Science Richard Feynman broadcast on BBC

    I think he's talking about the o-ring that was in the shuttle-SRB during the Challenger-disaster. Could somebody confirm and/or explain it a bit more? Edit:Ninja'd
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    A demo of what I've been working, thanks to all who helped

    I can't connect to your site either. Sounds interesting though.
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    OFMM Development Signup

    I'd love to do some modelling but I'm going on a 3 week holiday tomorrow. Maybe if something needs to be done after that time, I'll do whatever I can.
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    News Roscosmos News

    And Kazachstan will lose a lot of jobs. They are not very rich there either.
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    Humor 5 Word Story

    ...the lesser Wabbit who was...
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    OFMM General Discussions

    Wow! Finally this project lifted itself to a higher stage. Great work on the PDF, and I haven't spotted any errors.
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    Humor World Cup 2010

    I don't get why the press and the Spanish are acting like the Spanish played like saints and we like beasts. May I remind that Spain received 5 yellow cards as well.
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    OHM Digital Camo DGIV Skin Pack

    Maybe you should thank the person who made the DGIV?
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    Question Your Favorite Movies

    Hmm.. I think Pulp Fiction and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.