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    Updates "Hi Artemis, it's been a long time!": China's Chang'e 3 lunar landing mission

    Here is a Post in the Planetary Society Blog by Emily Lakdawalla: Contains this video of Rover Deployment:
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    Science Project Stratosphere Status Report

    Update of the Work since July 2011 It has been quite some time since I last posted that the radio system is working. I would like to put forward some information on what has been accomplished so far since then. I would like to begin with the software. We wrote a program that worked the...
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    Tube electronics in space?

    I think so too. The tubes would act like a Geiger Counter would do if a particle strikes them. Also the tubes must be kept hot and running all the time, that should be pretty significant in the power budget. That last point should also should be a problem for the internal temperature...
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    Science Project Stratosphere Status Report

    The Evolution of a Radio System Radio System works OK now.
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    Question about Soyuz Systems

    Yeah, I know the little omegas as the symbol for angular velocity (in physics), I had assumed that they show the rates :).
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    Question about Soyuz Systems

    Thanks Loru! Now I got another question about what could be seen on the engineering camera during the ISS photography: On this picture, in the top right quadrant, you can see the word Разворот, which Google translates to "turn". Here, the same line says ВКЛ ДПО which is VKL DPO. Vertical DPO...
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    order of operations in a straight equation

    Multiplication being a second order operation, it needs to be carried out first. 10+10*0=? -> = 10+0 -> = 10
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    Question about Soyuz Systems

    I got a rather short question: What is the source of the gamma-rays in the Landing Altitmeter "Kaktus-2V" in the Soyuz capsule? A cathode tube or an Element? Cobalt-60 probably?
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    Science Project Stratosphere Status Report

    Basic Balloon Systems Some news from the project: I have decided to use the Arduino Uno for the main flight computer (and to learn the basics of using a microprocessor) and this will be connected to a GPS which I still have to select. In turn, the Arduino will also be connected to a...
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    DeltaGlider model for sale on eBay

    It seems like it goes to a new level now, back on M6 there once was somebody who printed out the manual PDF, made a cheap box, burned Orbiter on a CD and sold that on eBay. I remember that that guy also met the appropiate consequences.
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    Updates ESA's ATV-2 "Johannes Kepler"

    Is that also the reason for the deployment taking almost 10 minutes? The ATV engineer in the commentary talked about a spring system and a "blade" but I did not get his message there completely. @SiberianTiger: Awesome :D!
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    News NASA Delivers Heavy Lift Proposal to Congress

    Because someone mentioned the similarity to the Jupiter I, I would like to point out that the team behind DIRECT proposed to develop no new rocket to lift cargo and astronauts to the ISS, but rather modify the Delta IV for the cargo and the Atlas V for the astronauts. How expensive and difficult...
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    Songs to listen to while flying

    I heard this tune on BFBS R1 and I think it is quite OK for coasting phases:
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    News Gordon Bennett Hydrogen Ballon Race 2010

    By chance I came across the conclusion of the Race yesterday. An Italian Trawler has found the remains of the balloon as well as the corpses of Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer-Davis:
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    NASA announces news conference on "an astrobiology finding", 2nd of December

    German E-Mail Provider GMX annoyed me all day with the question "Did NASA find Aliens?" A few minutes ago they changed that headline with "NASA presents Terran aliens", saying that a blogger allegedly wrote an article with the title "Did NASA find Aliens?" As T.Neo says, it is disappointing to...
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    Internet Video Thread

    Another humble attempt of mine to be a science show host:
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    [GER] TV-Tipp: Die Wunder des Sonnensystems

    Heute abend ab 20:15 auf VOX kommt Die Wunder unseres Sonnensystems, die BBC-Dokumentation mit Brian Cox. Außerdem läuft auch wieder "Die Planeten" und zwar die überarbeitete Fassung. Am 27.11. kommt die 4. Folge Wettlauf zum Mond.
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    LHC Creating a "Mini-Big Bang"

    Check this out:
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    News Gordon Bennett Hydrogen Ballon Race 2010

    Don Cameron said the following words at the Awards Evening on October 2:
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    Science Easy maths problems I had for an exam, just want to be sure...

    1) Well, let's see. First calculate the volume of the nut if it hadn't got a hole. Using your formula: A_Hexagon=[(3*(sqrt 3))/2]*(18.9mm/2)^2=232 mm^2 V_Hexagon=232 mm^2*8mm=1856 mm^3 Now the hole in the nut is a cylinder, being cut out of the nut. Using V=Pi*r^2*h: V_Hole=Pi*(5...