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    hi all

    Hi, welcome!
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    Hi, welcome to OF!
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    Problem Error when d'loading own addons

    No, they are the same as they were on the old OH.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Before your #3 point, I'd add "extract D3D9Client" :cool:
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    Hi all

    Welcome to OF!
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    hi there

    HI! Welcome to OF!
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    Hello fellow space travellers

    Welcome to OF! (y)
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    Hey Y'all

    Welcome to OF!
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    Hey there

    Welcome back to OF!
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    Problem Orbiter crash

    Ok, good luck.
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    Problem Error when d'loading own addons

    When I try to download my own addons, I get this error message: Oops! We ran into some problems. You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action. If you followed a valid add-on link to get here, you're seeing this message because your account doesn't have enough approved...
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    Problem Orbiter crash

    Maybe try to add some specs of your pc?
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    General Question Addon Recommendations

    Welcome to Orbiter Forum (y)
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    Problem Orbiter crash

    Oldie, but hopefully still useful.
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    Welcome to OF!
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to OF!
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    Hardware Hardware configuration for a simming PC in 2023 ?

    For an Orbiter-oriented configuration (at least until few years ago) an additional external usb numpad was often suggested.
  18. Ripley

    General Question Visual tools for orbit planning

    This is the status of the most "Videnie like" addon for O2016
  19. Ripley

    From old to new links

    Bump. Anyone?