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    General Question Adding a vessel's state vector in a running scenario... from a file?

    Still coding the transfer of a vessel from a client to another client, I am wandering how the CHashTable(s) are managed. State of progress: the new feature will be in OMP Client (not at server level). User A (who wants to disconnect) will request user B (who keeps connected) to take over A's...
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    OHM Saba - Shortest Commercial Runway in the World

    Cute airport! The movie is nice, as well. I was surprised that you re-open the retro-doors short before landing and adapt your approach velocity with it... I never tried this :)
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    Software Orbiter2016 CTD when clicking MFD buttons to open dialog

    It should work, maybe VirtualBox is too much sensitive. Start without D3D9 first and with another VM manager. My multiplayer setup "orbiterx" (server + client) runs 24/7 without D3D9 on a Windows 10 VM on a Linux host (not virtualbox, but I can't say for sure now). Try VMWare, maybe.
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    Update Deepstar development

    Priorities first! Congrats :)
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    Challenge Next multi-user event in Moon orbit... stay tuned

    Debris removal now: there are 2 boosters and 1 main tanker left uncontrolled in low Earth orbit, on OrbiterX server. "Shoot them" (!) and take control of the Twitch channel. Warning: never "shoot" a debris in space or you'll create many more!!! Here, it's for test, fun & training, the debris...
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    Life MFD - v1.1, small fix

    (see development thread for details) adapted to any vessel's mass changed the vibration law published the fix as v1.1 Note: If LifeMFD does not show up, consider installing VS2019 for C++ as the runtime does not seem to work properly.
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    OHM Life MFD

    Boxx updated Life MFD with a new update entry: v1.1, small fix Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Project a new CamShake-like addon, to feel "Gs"

    From the video, I now have the feeling that it does not vibrate at all anymore. Or maybe the thrust corresponds to 1G, as it can be seen on the green most-right gauge of the MFD.
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    Project a new CamShake-like addon, to feel "Gs"

    I changed the vibration law: Let me explain a little: we have to assume that the vibration is optimized by design. I designed a full damping for a reference mass m0 = [vessel mass without fuel] + (1/2)*[max fuel mass], vessel + half the propellant, meaning that the damping is maximum...
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    General Question Adding a vessel's state vector in a running scenario... from a file?

    Happy to share this: I could recompile Face's OMP code entirely for C++ in VS2019, providing a few fixes. At least in "Debug", you can generate the whole solution by selecting the "Mixed Platforms": it will produce all 9 output files and will put them in a subfolder called "addon" in the...
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    General Question How are b-plane parameters determined

    You have to compute the osculating parameters wrt the target (that you want to flyby), i.e. the orbital parameters of the arriving hyperbola the plane that contains the body center and is perpendicular to the arriving branch IS the B-plane, by definition then, the intersection of your actual...
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    Project a new CamShake-like addon, to feel "Gs"

    Thank you for the feedback (and congrats for the 11GB-download, oops). Vibrations follow a damping rule explained here: they are minimized for the thrust that provides 1G.... but with a DG only at the moment (yours is the Shuttle). I should either control that threashold with the vessel's mass...
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    Question Any realistic torchship-like addon spacecraft with high thrust and isp?

    I have started a few discussions on the topic. And I'm still working on it, by the way: interest? for Multiuser IMHO => nav tools? everything is already in Orbiter =>...
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    Project a new CamShake-like addon, to feel "Gs"

    here is a temporary fix (not the best one, though = install VS2019!). If somebody who had the bug can try this fix, I will appreciate the feedback.
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    OHM Life MFD

    Bug reports tell that this addon is not loaded or not visible in the list of MFD (check your Orbiter.log for confirmation). This seems to be caused by the C++ Runtime not being called properly. After a bunch of time at searching for a proper way to point to a C++ Runtime while compiling (I...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    As usual, asteroid exploration reveals unexpected images!!! Now that Ryugu has been imaged, it could become interesting to go to "rubble pile" meshes... I'm already involved in some add-ons and cannot go to that but, for sure, I will be greatly interested in some examples or parametric generator...
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    Project a new CamShake-like addon, to feel "Gs"

    Some news about the reported bug here (but still no solution, please help), for "Life" MFD not showing up in the MFD list: I could reproduce the bug with a fresh install of O2016 on a new computer. Indeed, Orbiter's log has listed a "code 126" cause for the MFD not loading. From Windows...
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    General Question Cooperative flight

    Well, there is a running experiment to create a persistent universe and develop a gameplay using Orbiter's OMP add-on: still experimental but I am working on the feature to transfer a vessel from the user to the server when the user disconnects and vice versa when re-connecting. The feature is...
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    Discussion Proposal New version of Orbiter

    Good start to make new friends... Just see: you've got 10+ replies in less than 4 hours. We usually get fewer reactions whenever a new fully functional add-on is published :cool: Well I am interested! And probably I'm not the only one. Please go: new meshes, new vessels, new space bases, new...
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    Challenge Next multi-user event in Moon orbit... stay tuned

    On our side, I want to prepare a "simple" lunar space meeting, then we hope to be able to deploy an "OMP" version with a save/restore function between client and server, to allow users to keep their vessel from a connection to the next. So we still have a little work ahead... In the meantime...