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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    I understand that the European Union are planning to allow international arrivals from July 1?
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    Announcement OHM - Deployments, and fixes

    You can see it in the URL when you visit your profile under User CP. Yours is 16254.
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    Update Antares 3.0 released

    This is good news! I remember testing the beta version a few years ago.
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    Announcement OHM - Deployments, and fixes

    I've been away for two years. Saw that there's a migration happening. Seems that I can't search by author or by version, addons aren't displayed in order when searching.
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    OHM Phoenix Mars Lander

    Thanks Brian!
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    OHM Delta2 and SLC17

    Wow, I've been holding myself from installing Orbiter 2016 because of the incompatibility of addons but it looks like I finally have to try it.
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    General Question Orbiter 2010 Texture Downloads

    Hey guys, I wanted to try Orbiter again after about a year but I can't find a working website with the Planet textures for Orbiter 2010. Is there anywhere I can download them other than the torrent links?
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    Thanks Brian!
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    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    Nope, I think everyone is waiting for that one.
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    Project Updated SLS for Orbiter 2016 (and 2010)

    Yes, 109 is at a thrust of around 2280 KN for the RS-25, I guess for SLS since the engines are expendable they're going to be run at this power level for the duration of the burn. For the abside I have yet to find a solution, I input 50 and 1850 for the p and a respectively and I've tried with...
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    Project Updated SLS for Orbiter 2016 (and 2010)

    Hey guys, I've been doing a bit of tinkering with Block I in order to make the performance of the engines and SRB to be closer to real life. [BOOSTER_1] N=1 MeshName=SLS_2016\Orange-booster_s Height=53.900 Diameter=3.710 EmptyMass=86363.600 FuelMass=622727.300 Thrust=16363630.640 angle=0.000...
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    Advanced Question Calculating Average Thrust

    Thanks again for your help.
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    Advanced Question Calculating Average Thrust

    Can somebody explain to me how to calculate the Average Thrust of a Solid Rocket Motor, given the thrust values at different times during the burn. I'm trying to determine the average thrust using these values of time and thrust from a Multistage file: Curve_1=(0,76) Curve_2=(2,100)...
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    OHM ESO sky

    Thanks, what parameters do you use for the apparent magnitude? I have it set 0 to 6.5, exponential and 0.05. It seems pretty real, but I'm always looking to improve.
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    OHM ESO sky

    Francisdrake, you mind sharing your settings for ESO Sky?
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    Project Updated SLS for Orbiter 2016 (and 2010)

    Unfortunately the Thrust variation due to pressure is not simulated by Multistage 2015, but the specific impulse variation is. You just need to input isp_sl= in m/s to whatever value the engine produces at sea level and multistage 2015 calculates a very realistic curve based on atmospheric...
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    Project Updated SLS for Orbiter 2016 (and 2010)

    Longjap, the link to the SLS on the first page isn't working. Also, If you want to simulate a realistic isp curve for the RS-25 engines add the isp_sl=3590 under the [Stage] in order to simulate the 366 second surface isp for the engines. Set the burn time calculated for vacuum isp only and the...
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    OHM Multistage2015 - for Orbiter 2010P1

    Thanks Fred, I never would have figured that out, I spent hours changing things around to try to find out.
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    OHM Multistage2015 - for Orbiter 2010P1

    I can't load well and nomatter's Ariane 5 ECA with Multistage 2015, i installed multistage2 and it seems to work with that. I've tried changing the values and editing but I can't figure out what the problem is, there's absolutely nothing displayed in the log. I'm also putting the configuration...
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    It looks like a worthy replacement for Thorton's LC39.