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  1. marcheenek

    US Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

    Carbondale, IL, where it's supposed to be the greatest duration. I'll be camping at South Sandusky near Rand Lake and hiking in Shawnee National Forrest during the week. I have a pair of Barska 20x80, which I used before for sun viewing, with a Baader AstroSolar filter, of course :)
  2. marcheenek

    Model Rocketry with my kids

    Thanks for the tip! I had no idea about their scholarships.
  3. marcheenek

    Model Rocketry with my kids

    Here's some more model rocketry fun with my daughters. ESTES Red Rider, Executioner and Mammoth using standard motors. ESTES Argent using composite motor.
  4. marcheenek

    Model Rocketry with my kids

    I just got into model rocketry, I have two 6-year old daughters and managed them to get hooked already! So far, I have been using ESTES rockets and engines, I'll probably tinker with them for few more months before moving up or getting certified for anything bigger. Here's a video of our last trip:
  5. marcheenek

    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    Confirmed. Another problem with this addon is there's no vessel-specific sound, eg. XR Ravenstar, which actually generate HUD warning that the OrbiterSound was not loaded properly. As I recall from 2010 version, the problem was with too many vessels and Orbiter Sound having some arbitrary limit.
  6. marcheenek

    General Question HUD size/resolution on multiple monitors

    I've come back to Orbiter after one year break and I'm using now three monitors. The problem is HUD display is now really large and low resolution (all vessels). Increasing FOV helps a bit, but it's still not optimal. Are there any hidden settings for HUD display/resolution? Thanks!
  7. marcheenek

    Flight Question XR2 stuck on venus

    Well... I think there's one thing left to do: the Arrow can drop UCGO crates full of Jack Daniels and Pin-Up Magazines for those 6 days left: UCGO Cargo Funny's Stuff Pack
  8. marcheenek

    X-Plane 9 for Android is now free!

    The app was for 4.99 for a while, now it's free, you can pay for some extra planes though:
  9. marcheenek

    Update Arrow Freighter version 2012 updated (screenshots)

    I'm sure once that Tuesday comes, I'm taking the following day off due to sleep deprivation:)
  10. marcheenek

    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    In the second picture, the camera was beyond the mirror's focal point, thus the inverted image.
  11. marcheenek

    Forget an elevator, how about a space ramp?

    How about a train?
  12. marcheenek

    Project Brighton Base 2011: An Upgrade to Orbiter's Brighton Beach

    Is the base upgrade available for download somewhere? I couldn't find it in the OH and the earlier external link doesn't work either....
  13. marcheenek

    Updates Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity)

    That was awesome! I got this screenshot from the livecast.
  14. marcheenek

    OHM High-Res Asphalt Runway Texture

    Ditto, yellow chevrons prohibit use of runaway for either takeoff or landing.
  15. marcheenek

    Gaming Commodore 64 turns 30: What do today's kids make of it?

    That was my first computer too! Countless hours of fun with my friends, I remember one had to use a tiny screwdriver to adjust the tape drive's head. I also learned Basic on C64 and written simple games and programs.
  16. marcheenek

    Buying an used telescope

    A telescope bought at non specialty store is usually a cheap piece of crap and a big dissapointment. It actually may repel you from this great hobby.
  17. marcheenek

    Update Arrow Freighter version 2012 updated (screenshots)

    Alright, everyone be quiet, let Dan work and release the Arrow this Tuesday! :)
  18. marcheenek

    Update Arrow Freighter version 2012 updated (screenshots)

    I was wondering what's going to happen to my old scenarios with the previous Arrow... would the vessel be simply replaced without any trouble, keeping all the cargo in place and other vessels docked?
  19. marcheenek

    Update Arrow Freighter version 2012 updated (screenshots)

    Out of curiosity - will the new Arrow replace the old one or be a separate vessel, eg. you could have the old and the new one in the same scenario?