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  1. jinglesassy

    Problem Orbiter 2010P1 crashing.

    Hello, last night orbiter was working fine but today whenever i start it up on any of my installations it goes to the loading screen then a minute later crashes. No error message or anything. Heres the orbiter.log from a clean installation with no addons. **** Orbiter.log Build Aug 30 2010...
  2. jinglesassy


    Due to a number of things happening in the past few weeks i will be unable to be part of orbiter forum for awhile. This is the best community i have ever been a part of but sadly i cannot be here. I will not go into details into what has happened but it will take a few months to get it all...
  3. jinglesassy

    Problem Jet engine animation

    Hello, i am working on an addon for the global hawk operated by nasa. It is fully modeled the textures are still incomplete but i am trying to get the jet engines to rotate like a real one does and i cant get it to work. Any ideas on how to get the jet engines to spin like real jet engines?
  4. jinglesassy

    [News] The active galaxies are not powered by collisions. Hm, So what are they powered by? Maybe a high density of stars around the central black hole? Who knows.
  5. jinglesassy

    Question How did you get addicted to space?

    Hello, i am wondering how you got addicted to space? For me, it began when i met Buzz aldrin and got his autograph. Still have that napkin. The only bad thing is i told him i wasnt intested in space beacuse i was scared of heights :embarrassed:. Although i was only 7 so yeah. It just took off...
  6. jinglesassy

    Question Hydro electric generation.

    Hello, i recently watched a documentary on the Hoover dam and it got me thinking. Why instead of building huge multi billion dollar dams that change the surrounding environment in drastic ways. Why not just drill down a lake around 1000 feet and put the generators there? Huge more amounts of...
  7. jinglesassy

    Problem .3ds to .msh

    Hello, i am preparing a addon for release soon on orbit-hangar and i am trying to convert the final version of the model into .msh format. I tried the article and it inst working anymore. Removed from orbithangar.
  8. jinglesassy

    Advanced Question Terra-gen 2 able to be integrated into orbiter? The planets it generates are amazing. Then i wondered if it would be possible to integrate the engine into orbiter. I am to busy on other stuff(School repairing the patriot 4 building the ant-capsule etc)To try for about 2 months. So i decided to post it here and...
  9. jinglesassy

    The patriot 4 flies.

    Hello, i have been building model rockets for a few weeks now and i finally launched one of them i named it the patriot 4 here are some pictures taken by my sister. First launch(My dad missed all of it) Second launch(Atleast we got it this time and no it wasn't breakfast it...
  10. jinglesassy

    Internet Sintel

    Wow independent film makers are beginning to really make good looking movies.
  11. jinglesassy

    News Nasa is planning trip to the sun?!?! HMMM, OK so what are the requirements for this probe? Very strongly built Massive heat shield Extremely powerful transmitter Sensors that can survive a few minutes at a few hundred thousand kelvin Well...
  12. jinglesassy

    Gaming Lagoa multiphysics engine

    Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 - Teaser on Vimeo Wow gaming really has some along way in the past decade. I guess the next question is when will it be available in orbiter?!?!
  13. jinglesassy

    News 51 dead, 90 injured as trains collide in West Bengal So many train collisions recently rip to the dead.
  14. jinglesassy

    Question Whats your favorite mission patch?

    Whats your favorite mission patch from any of the space flight missions. Personally mines apollo 13 to me it just looks awesome the horses and all just look awesome together.
  15. jinglesassy

    Poll Which apollo mission would you say was the...

    Which of the apollo missions would you say were the real pioneers? I would say apollo 8 because they were the first humans to leave earth orbit and orbit another celestial body unsure if they could survive beyond the van allen radiation belt and so many more.
  16. jinglesassy

    Orbiter vs Celestia

    Born out of the latest multi-player related thread comes a battle between 2 space-related titans Orbiter vs Celestia
  17. jinglesassy

    News Scram jet missile breaks Mach 6 Pretty cool looking at least.
  18. jinglesassy

    News Gary Colman dies at age 42 RIP
  19. jinglesassy

    Problem Reenter with XR2

    Hello, whenever i try to reenter at any angle i always bounce off the atmosphere several times that i then die from coolant tempreture so how do you reenter the atmosphere with the XR2 i can do the xr1 and xr5 fine but not xr2 thanks
  20. jinglesassy

    Analyze lro pictures

    Hello, first of all sorry if wrong forum seemed right one for this This site lets you view pictures of the moon from lro and mark interesting features/space hardware/craters/boulders etc etc