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  1. Izack

    One of those weird sequences of events

    The other day, I was shown this video: Stepping on the M83 - YouTube After the chuckling was over I thought 'hey, this song is strangely catchy.' Looked it up and ended up hearing most of the album thanks to Youtube. I'm prone to night terrors, rarely but occasionally themed from scraps of...
  2. Izack

    Design philosophy

    So, on returning to the Deepstar 3 codebase and having a look around, I've become unsatisfied with the level of simulation. I started by forking over certain functionality to different classes, and what I ended up with was a system where individual major components (main/rcs engines, fuel cells...
  3. Izack

    Problem Panel loading problems (following Martin's tutorial)

    I'm following Martin's tutorial here on how to implement a 2D panel. I've finished part 1 and have tried to compile and test the panel (right now, solid yellow rectangle.) Obviously it went sour or I wouldn't be here. What I've made is basically a copy and paste of the example code in the...
  4. Izack

    Meshing Question Determining material used by meshgroup

    I am attempting to change the material properties of an area of a mesh. The problem is that I didn't create that mesh, and haven't the source model for it. Is there a way to intuitively discover which material is used by a certain group, short of messing with each one hoping to find the right...
  5. Izack

    C++ Question Simple constructor ceases to compile: not allowed return type

    The standard constructor for a simple vessel is given as such in the sample code: Vesselname::Vesselname (OBJHANDLE hVessel, int flightmodel) : VESSEL3 (hVessel, flightmodel) { } However, while this has worked for me consistently in the past, it no longer builds, instead giving this error...
  6. Izack

    Gaming O-F Dwarf Fortress Succession Game: Armorwad - Minotaurs! Goblins! Railguns!

    DISCLAIMER: Dwarf Fortress is, by its nature, rather violent. As such, although graphic depictions of violence are limited, descriptions of events in this game can become disturbing for some readers. Continue with caution. Continuing from this thread. This is a Dwarf Fortress Succession Game...
  7. Izack

    Project Infinity - Exploratory Colonisation Construct

    This has been lurking around the blog and chatbox for a few it is. Cavradyne Interstellar presents a poor approximation of the 1-N Infinity starship, inspired by the 'lighthuggers' in Revelation Space. I'm aiming for a semi-realistic implementation. At the moment it's able to...
  8. Izack

    WIP Starship (read: Giant Cone)

    Here it is so far: My first 3D model and first completely original Orbiter...thing. It'll get better. I hope. In the mean time, I'm in the middle of the idea phase. Here's what I want it to do, at least for now: 1. Be capable of interstellar and interplanetary flight using magical...
  9. Izack

    Searching for telescope

    Looking for a telescope here for under 300$ CAD. Any recommendations?
  10. Izack

    Gaming Homeworld 1/2 - Any players?

    Somewhat dated, awesome gameplay. I reinstalled it recently after being unable to play on Vista for the longest time. The other day, remade my old badge: Hail Zeon! :lol:
  11. Izack

    Meshing Question Materials: Applying them to parts of a mesh

    I'm messing around with the Carrier mesh from Liber's conversion in this post: Relevant section of mesh in question: MATERIAL 01 0.800000 0.800000 0.800000 1.000000 0.200000 0.200000 0.200000 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000...
  12. Izack

    LUA ScriptVessel: Custom animation

    Is it possible to define a custom animation (payload door, air brake, etc.) in a script vessel without editing ScriptVessel module? If so, how can I do this? Either the lack of documentation on this is a handicap, or I'm missing something fundamental about the interface... :sos:
  13. Izack

    Underwhelming Python labs (compsci)

    Today I had a 4-hour lab period in which I was expected to write a program that takes an image and makes it grayscale. We work in a watered-down Python environment running in Java (WHY?!). Obviously it took about 5 minutes to boot the computer, setup the environment and write a paragraph, then...
  14. Izack

    Lunar Space Shuttles

    Writing modules for the vessels from this addon: Lunar Space Shuttle 0.9 Features implemented: Thrusters (RCS unfinished), particle streams, docking port, attachment point (insofar nonfunctional), nonfunctional VC-type-thing (the same as in the original.) Features planned: One-key attachment...
  15. Izack

    The Drawing Board

    Some things I'd like to make at some point: 1. Two-stage expendable bimodal-NTR interplanetary engine, similar in concept to what's seen here: This is my primary goal right now, to be used for another stab at...
  16. Izack

    Cavradyne 'rolls out' future plans

    South Atlantic Post September 15th, 2024 Cavradyne Aerospace reveals Space Shuttle Galaxy There was much excitement last month when a NASA 747 showed up on the tarmac here at Wideawake International in the wee hours carrying what was obviously a Pratt & Whitney Space Shuttle Orbiter, though...
  17. Izack

    First mission of Cavradyne's space station

    South Atlantic Post August 4th, 2024 New aerospace company launches first component of space station Cavradyne Aerospace has announced the successful launch of the first unmanned component of their ORAC (Orbital Research and Assembly Complex) space station into an equatorial Low Earth Orbit...
  18. Izack

    Launch of Cavradyne Interplanetary

    South Atlantic Post June 22nd, 2024 Today saw the start of a new corporation, Cavradyne Aerospace, off the remains of the mostly defunct aerospace industries of the 20th Century. The company has stated in a press release this afternoon that its main goals are to send an exploration to the...
  19. Izack

    AMSO AMSO mesh scrambling

    Hello again, it's been a while since I've had such a poser. Whenever I spawn vessels in AMSO using the scenario editor, or by editing an SCN file, they turn up as blocks of scrambled polygons: While I'm aware that this is a security feature to prevent theft of ACSoft's meshes, it's a major...
  20. Izack

    Another 'Huh' moment

    I just decided an hour or so ago to do the Apollo 8 mission, despite having never even made a serious attempt at AMSO before. Much like when I launched Atlantis a few months ago, I was mildly surprised when two hours later I was sitting in a scorched capsule south of Hawaii, having just...