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    Problem Sim shuts down at moon

    When I arrive at the moon with either the delta glider or ravenstar, once I get into a stable low orbit, as soon as I get near sunrise, the game boots me. I haven't played in a while but I don't remember having this problem in the past. Could it be a visual settings issue?
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    MapMFD No green orbit plane line on Map MFD when going to the moon.

    I've managed to get to the moon and land at Brighton Beach once. Now the last few launches I've made the green orbital plane line wont show up. I have it set to reference moon and target is set for Brighton Beach. I dont think I've turned anything off or on by mistake. What am I missing?
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    Hello everyone!

    Greetings! I just recently downloaded Orbiter 2010 and am slowly getting the hang of things. I enjoy playing other space simulator games but wanted something a bit more realistic. So far I'm liking Orbiter though it does have a steep learning curve. Hope to meet and talk to a bunch of you soon!