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    "The scenario you are using is too old"

    I have the last update 1954. Despite this I get the message "The scenario you are using is too old" why?
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    Problem with P63 and checklist

    I'm completely stuck and need help. I am doing staff in LM (Apollo 11). I have done my DOI and am preparing PDI. Here are a lot of things I do not understand but I try to follow the checklist as best I can. P63 start as it should but then strange things happen when the warning light for PROG...
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    Apollo 11, 98 GET, Checklist

    I think I'm lost. I am doing staff in LM (Apollo 11) after I did an uplink in CM about 99 GET. Then I am expected to wait for MCC udate in LM which does not seem to come. After this, REFSMAT, LGC / CMC clock sync, LM and CSM statevectors, LGC Abortion constants should be uplinked according to...
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    Any EVA activity possible on the moon? Can I leave LEM at moon?
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    Sometimes there are several updates in one day. Is there any possibility to get information what is in the update?
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    Different XYZ at p37 and PAD, Apollo 8

    When I do a calculation with p37 at TIG 144:45:00 I get an 06 60, Dv 6.2, 0.0, 55.8 but according to PAD MCC-7 Dv are 3.3, 0.0, 0.2. Why this difference? Shouldn't they be the same? I also wonder what p37 Dv X, Y, Z to use at p40? I would like to make an entry based on p37. Am I doing something...
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    p37, attitude RPY information?

    I'm working on Apollo 8 and I'm on return to earth. I have a question related to p37. At 06 81 I get calculated Dv for xyz (LV) but it is unclear to me where do I get burn attitude RPY? p37 assumes that contact with the ground is unavailable (no PAD) so I wonder where I get the burn attitude RPY...
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    I have problems with p22 Apollo 8

    I have problems with p22 apollo 8. I think I'm doing right but I can't get the landmark tracking auto of CP-2 to follow and when I do it manually I get completely wrong coordinates. This also applies to psedo landmark tracking of B1. The first landmark tracking worked great but I think something...
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    MCC-2 Apollo 8

    I do apollo 8 and everything is fine. I have done MCC-1, only a small correction. I received from MCC an update / uplink and a complete P30 so it was easy to do. Now I have received a message about MCC-2 "click Pro or click Fail to bypass if scrubed". My question is, how do I know the maneuver...
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    "Multi-Threading in time acceleration"

    Is anyone using "Multi-Threading in time acceleration" ticked? What is the highest time acceleration you can use during your flight to the moon and back without risking bugs (with and without "Multi-Thrading in time acceleration)? /Mikael
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    System test

    I wonder if "system test" on panel 101 has any real function? There is a switch instruction on panel B1 but it does not match the switch on panel 101. Any ideas? /Mikael
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    Hi, Can anyone more accurately explain what I am expected to do and what is the function control I do? push & hold and ATT SET YAW tw? I do not understand:hmm::hmm: FDAI SOURCE - ATT SET EMS ROLL - on (up) GDC ALIGN pb - push & hold ATT SET YAW tw - adj thru 45° angle observe RSI tracks 45°...
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    SM supply ventil

    A small problem but the SM supply ventil does not seem to work. Despite turning the tap at off, the flow of oxygen continues. /Mikael
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    I miss my apollo landmarks in visual helpers. Any news?
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    PAD abort

    PAD abort has been working previously with Apollo 7 v8 but not longer works with newer updates. :tiphat: Mikael
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    TRUST ON pushbutton

    Hello friends! I'm unsure when the crew uses the THRUST ON pushbutton and when they decide to use the SPS THRUST DIRECT ON switch. If I understand correctly, SPS THRUST DIRECT ON provides alternative backup mode to both CMC and SCS delta V modes? So when is there a need to use the TRUST ON...
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    Stuttering main panel

    Sometimes I have problems with stuttering and only in the main panel. Sometimes the tendency for stuttering disappears when I switch between different panels. Does anyone have the same problem as me? I have a very powerful computer with latest Nvidia graphics cards :tiphat: /Mikael
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    Entry Monitoring System

    Can anyone explain the lines and its function in Entry Monitoring System? Some lines appear to start from the same position (the lines beginning in the upper part of the chart). Other lines appear to start from the y-axis. To these lines there are also dotted lines starting with 30 x-axis. What...
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    Support NASSP: P23 Program Explanation

    I think I understand program 22 pretty well now. My next problem is program 23. Can anyone explain how to do? First, which star, landmark and horizon field I will choose? what is the difference in a landmark and horizonmark and where do I find horizonmarks. I am also expected to carry out a...
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    Hello guys, I'm working through the Apollo 7 mission and love it and have reached the Auto Optics P22. I have absolutely no idea how to use P22 :hailprobe:. First, where do I find "previously computed landmark coordinates"? After typing V37E 22E, F 06 89 is requested. Where do I find landmark...