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    Competition entry with experimental rocketry project - need your help!

    Greetings fellow rocket scientists! :) I am a member of the Cirrus Project experimental rocketry team from Slovenia, which consists mostly of high school and college students. After our first 2 years, full of experimenting, learning, new challenges and experiences, we have managed to get a...
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    Results from TLE & SGP4 propagation don't seem right & need help with interpretation

    Results from TLE & SGP4 propagation don't seem right & need help with interpretation Greetings all ! I have this problem with SGP4 propagation, that I hope someone can help me out with. I acquired a TLE of the ISS from internet and used the C++ SGP4 propagator to compute future position and...
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    Gaming Space Shuttle Mission 2007 - SSM

    Hello all ! Just wondering, if anyone of you plays or has played this wonderful Space Shuttle simulator game ? It has nowhere near the versatility and diversity that Orbiter offers, but the Shuttle details are fantastic for any Space Shuttle freak like me ;P I would love to finally discuss it...
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    Satellite tracking - plot position on 2D Earth map

    Hello. :tiphat: I have a question which hopefully fits this sub-forum. In case it doesn't please let me know and I will fix it in any way possible :thumbup: I would like to create a simple satellite tracking software, that will compute the position of a satellite at any time, and show its...
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    General Question Orbital decay

    Greetings fellows ! :tiphat: I am new to Orbiter world, have just started running a few scenarios, taking things easy and getting acquainted with the interface. I must say it doesn't feel easy to me a.t.m., but I'm not giving up =) Alright, now to the real thing. I ran a demo scenario with ISS...