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    Wind and radiation

    Will the new Orbiter version enable to simulate wind and radiation influence?
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    Bug BaseSyncMFD bug

    This MFD loses sometimes the base name and it changes the name of the base to Surface. Can it be fixed? Is the data actually lost too or only the name? Sent from my SM-T310 using Tapatalk 4
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    Question Orulex and orbiter 2010 P1

    Will the Orulex be ever compatible with orbiter 2010 P1 ? It's a superb addon and it would be great if it was possible to use it with the newest version of orbiter.
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    Problem XR Fleet doesn't work with orbiter100830

    Orbiter 100830 crashes during loading.
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    General Question forcefeedback

    Can the joystick forcefeedback be used in orbiter somehow?