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    Motivational Posters

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    You wouldn't get me up in one of those.

    Imagine how much he is going to spend on gas alone.
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    Question Earth probes

    Maybe an orbiter/lander combination like Viking. The moon is pretty close to Earth, so I would thing that checking atmospheric pressure should be easy.
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    Older Orbiter snapshots

    You can download older versions of Orbiter here:
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    DIRECT Proposal Gaining Ground

    Maybe I missed something, but where does it say that the DIRECT launcher would be able to carry payloads like that to the ISS? The MPLM and CAM were specigically designed to be launched and attached to the ISS by a Space Shuttle. Re-designing them to be launched by DIRECT would probably be way...
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    DIRECT Proposal Gaining Ground

    We shall see what comes of this, but I am not going to hold my breath.
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    News Upcoming Rocket Launches

    According to Spaceflight Now, NROL-26 is due to launch sometime between 7 PM to 12 AM EST.
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    Smallest orbital-grade rocket?

    :rofl: Made me laugh!
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    New Release Shuttle Fleet V4.1.5 Full Package released

    Awesome work. Good to see that you are still working on the Space Shuttle Fleet.
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    Shuttles to Mars?

    Sounds like whoever wrote that has read Stephen Baxter's Titan a few too many times.
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    Michael Griffin to leave NASA.

    Richard Truly served for almost three years and Frederick Gregory served for about two months as acting administrator.
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    Humor Exams...

    This one is still my favorite. Simple yet hilarious!
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    Where to find good space Wallpaper?

    You could do what I did for my wallpaper. I used a photograph off the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal from Apollo 15. I just cropped and re-sized it.
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    Human Needs of ...

    No, I am just rambling.
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    Human Needs of ...

    I personally like a quote by Jeff Foxworthy: "Getting married to have sex is like buying a 747 to get free peanuts." Ironically, whenever I fly on a plane these days, all I get is free pretzels. D'oh!
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    We're all going to die!

    "Do you expect me to die?" "No. I expect another galaxy to crash into us in a couple of million years, Mr. Bond."
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    Request Unused ISS modules

    That was not really the ISS per se. That plan was for Space Station Freedom, a planned U.S.-only space station during the 80s. Budget cuts among other things forced its cancellation before plans for it were eventually consolidated with the planned Russian Mir-2 Space Station.
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    Question A cross on the map...

    Reminds of the End of Ze World movie.
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    YouTube Videos

    I should have known that Billy Mays was up to something fishy: