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  1. Hotdog

    Scenario Scenario editing - STS payload orientation

    I'm new to editing scenarios, and I'm having trouble with the orientation of the Spacelab payload in the shuttle cargo bay. Here's a screenshot. It looks like I just need to turn the Spacelab module 180 degrees, I just don't know how. I've been trying to copy/paste from other scenarios, but it's...
  2. Hotdog

    General Question DGIV acting funny in Orbiter2016

    Hi all, I'm using Orbiter2016 with Dan's DeltaGliderIV. When I launch any DGIV scenario, the spacecraft flies just fine, until I switch to the interior cockpit view. Then it immediately tries to fire hover and retro engines, causing a master alarm since the doors for those engines are closed...
  3. Hotdog

    Programming Question Editing Keymap.cfg for second numpad

    I have purchased this USB numpad which I want to map Orbiter sim functions to. My current keyboard has a numpad, but I do not want to use that one. How do I edit keymap.cfg to map keys to this second numpad?