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    Question ASMR

    I read about this phenomenon on Andrew Sullivan's blog yesterday: It's kind of a pleasurable tingling (not sexual) at the back of one's head and a languid sensation in the face, spine, and shoulders triggered (apparently) by soft...
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    Project AMSO For Dummies v0.6

    I recently played through the the AMSO Apollo 11 simulation. I noticed that, while the documentation for AMSO is comprehensive and thorough, there is no "walkthrough" which leads you step-by-step through the simulation. And some of the systems (e.g. mission audio, time acceleration) are a little...
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    Question AMSO TLI Burn

    At long last, I've decided to work my way through at least one of the Apollo missions using AMSO. Started with the Apollo 11 lift-off scenario. Launch autopilot worked great and I've enjoyed listening to the mission audio. I followed the instructions carefully to set up IMFD for the TLI burn...
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    General Question Orbital Exosphere Decay

    I searched and tried to find the answer, but couldn't. I know that orbits fall back to Keplerian orbits at high time steps so that our space stations don't de-orbit during Mars transits, but is the same true for orbit decay caused by exosphere drag?
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    Flight Question DG De-orbit Profile

    Hello, I'm a total Orbiter newbie; been playing about a week. I worked my way through parts of Go Play In Space! (all except lunar and Mars transfer) and am now working on the checklist scenarios from the Orbiter manual with the stock Delta Glider. I did checklist 1 (launch from KSC, rendezvous...
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    I'm a new member. Drifted over here from KSP and I'm loving Orbiter. I'm an engineer working on fusion research. Never been a space nut before, but I'm slowly becoming one (and making my family and friends crazy.) Good to be here.