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  1. Tarantul

    Problem Pads & vehicles are "grounded" on sea level

    Suddenly on my Orbiter 2016 installation all landing pads, textured runways and grounded vehicles in scenarios are "sticked" to sea level, not to elevations maps. Example on screenshot is Ascension Island 2016 mod base, but this problem is everythere on the Earth (and it seems on Earth only -...
  2. Tarantul

    Tutorial Stock Atlantis launching to ISS and returning to KSC // Video tutorial [EN & RU]

    Below you can find a video tutorial, describing procedures of launching Atlantis to ISS, docking and then returning back to KSC and landing. A few notes: 1. I know that my English is silly and I often forgot the right words. I haven't much verbal practice recently. But I hope I was able to...
  3. Tarantul

    Hello from Russia!

    Hi guys! I'm old (maybe even ancient :) ) Orbiter fan, but only now, since we have an amazing new version of Orbiter, and once again many beautiful mods is yet to be done, I decided that it is time for me to became the part of community, to make feedback, suggestions, discussions and other...