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  1. 80mileshigh

    Update Deepstar development

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  2. 80mileshigh

    Update Deepstar development

    Ok, here's an attached zip (just removed the txt file extension) with the UCSO EVA. It's set up to extract to a Deepstar 3.1 installation. Like I said, this is a bit of a hack. You can select and spawn an EVA vessel through the cargo menu on the VC HUD. You can't recapture the EVA however -...
  3. 80mileshigh

    Update Deepstar development

    It's a bit of a hack, but we can implement an EVA feature via UCSO and General Vehicle. Just like the rover cargo that's included, an EVA cargo could unpack as a GV astronaut when released. Here's a proof of concept using the publicly available NASA z2 suit model: I'll get this to a passable...
  4. 80mileshigh

    Update Deepstar development

    Version 3.1 is released!: I'm quite proud of this collaboration. Abdullah has done a lot of work on code for this release. Thanks too, to all the community members who helped. Here's the change list from the...
  5. 80mileshigh

    Deepstar 3.1 for Orbiter 2016 2021-10-31

    Deepstar 3.1 by 80mileshigh and Abdullah Radwan. Deepstar represents a vision of planetary exploration for Orbiter 2016 with a near-tech aesthetic. This release introduces active virtual cockpits for Deepstar, its non-atmospheric landers, and its atmospheric lifting bodies...
  6. 80mileshigh

    Vessel Basic ISS mod with updated model.

    Sorry - I just meant this as a proof of concept to show what a basic, but current ISS config mesh, could be like. It's not a public add-on. I think the authors of current ISS models are better placed to make something accurate, but less complex. This is pretty rough. Or it might be a worthwhile...
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    Update Deepstar development

    Lighting up the dark ...
  8. 80mileshigh

    Problem Orbiter Download Mirror 1 - Certificate has expired, Mirror 2&3 redirects to GoDaddy

    I encountered the same with scenery download links while writing an installation guide: a security warning in Chrome when attempting to download the new Titan.cfg from Mirror1. Mirrors 2 and 3 are gone and Mirror 4 doesn't have the new Mars or Titan textures. There is also no torrent file for...
  9. 80mileshigh

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Following from Dave S' request to retire base.cfg in OpenOrbiter I have a potential feature request for the handling of night textures in the D3D9Client. At present, listing a texture in config\base.cfg, and again against the relevant mesh in the surface base's config file, will display a night...
  10. 80mileshigh

    Retirement of the Base.cfg file that is used for none MESH textures

    Any changes which eliminate additional installation instructions for add-ons would be good. But bear in mind base.cfg editing is required for handling night textures which OWNMATERIAL can not at present. I wonder if D3D9 could handle, just like etc? I'll raise it.
  11. 80mileshigh

    XRSound Open-Source Development

    Abdullah is referring to the 'GeneralVehicle' module by Fred: I would definitely make use of sound options for this module. :)
  12. 80mileshigh

    Request Orbitnaut's world map

    Many years ago we had a world map on which Orbiter users could drop a pin to mark their location. I can't remember if this was connected to the M6 forum but a lot of us did it at the time. I thought it was a nice way to visualise the community. Would it be possible to create a map feature here...
  13. 80mileshigh

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    One of several projects I've got on hold while I work on Deepstar3.1 with Abdullah. This is a fictional but current-tech small space station based on commercial designs which have been shown in the last couple of years. I figured there's a time and a place for a simple rendezvous target that...
  14. 80mileshigh

    Vessel Basic ISS mod with updated model.

    For my personal installation I actually modified the stock Project Alpha mesh last year to look something like the current ISS configuration. Lots of imperfections I'm sure but closer than having the power platform which makes the stock ISS a fantasy mesh now (which is also totally appropriate...
  15. 80mileshigh

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Thanks. Useful to know - I can provide some informed guidance in add-on documentation for larger vessels.
  16. 80mileshigh

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I have a question regarding self-shadow artefacts. From doing a search I can see it was raised here last year (described as shimmering on a LEM mesh) but I'm not sure there was ever a solution. I'm finding that particularly on large surfaces I'm getting visuals like these. Here's Deepstar...
  17. 80mileshigh

    Orbiter is now open source

    Thank you Martin. You've already given so much and this community is still active after 20 years as a result. This ensures your efforts will be truly enduring.
  18. 80mileshigh

    Update Deepstar development

    Salut yitianetie, Sorry I missed your post. The Rovers use Fred's GeneralVehicle module so you can use the standard GV commands. In this case you can control the lights with [CTRL] + [L]. There are no plans for oxygen management simulation but I have been working on an update with Abdullah who...
  19. 80mileshigh

    Project Gemini-Titan 2 for Orbiter 2016

    I did the ATDA / Angry Alligator and flotation collar meshes a lifetime ago (it's fast approaching 20 years which seems crazy). Rob never released them but I think these were repackaged by Saturn V and then Replicant for Orbiter 2010. Not sure if they were ever licensed correctly, but obviously...
  20. 80mileshigh

    Update Deepstar development

    If you need somewhere to stay in a hurry, go UCSO: :)