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  1. Artlav

    Project Videnie orbit drawing source code

    I am no longer active as an add-on developer, and don't even have the means and environment to fix bugs. So all my old add-ons are effectively orphaned now. If i keep them to myself, nothing will ever happen. But if i let them out there is at least a chance someone might adopt them. Some of...
  2. Artlav

    Project Shukra Venus balloon station source code

    I am no longer active as an add-on developer, and don't even have the means and environment to fix bugs. So all my old add-ons are effectively orphaned now. If i keep them to myself, nothing will ever happen. But if i let them out there is at least a chance someone might adopt them. Some of...
  3. Artlav

    A story on escaping a supernova?

    Have anyone heard of or read a sci-fi story (preferably of a hard kind) based around an escape from an upcoming supernova event? The idea i was contemplating is set in a universe with jump point interstellar travel (think "The Mote in god's eye"). A research station on a habitable (or...
  4. Artlav

    Science Data Transmission via Quantum Entanglement

    O-F Staff Note: These first eleven posts were moved here from the Pluto Mission News thread. Huh. That was posted on April 3rd,no? Someone's calendar is off by a few days.
  5. Artlav

    How to take a space selfie?

    1. Build a weather satellite image receiver and antenna for it 2. Wait for a weather satellite to pass overhead 3. Look up and smile while pulling an image from that satellite Just came back home from Brazil, and here is one of the things me and a friend of mine with a youtube channel were...
  6. Artlav

    Discussion Ripple Aerospace plans to launch rockets from the ocean?

    I recently came across these guys: It's a Norwegian aerospace company that is developing an ocean-launched reusable rocket with an aerospike engine that is supposed to take 2.6 tonnes to LEO. Apparently the first test launch would be within 4 months. They also...
  7. Artlav

    Poll Browser performance testing

    Recently i've been porting my programming environment to output JS, to have the ability to produce programs that can be run from the browser. Keeping up with the modern times. This is uncharted territory for me, and so i want to get some basic data on whether things work and how well. So i...
  8. Artlav

    Question Game idea/testing: Rocket Land

    Hello everyone. There is a game (tentatively named "Rocket Land") i made quite a while ago but never bothered to continue or release because KSP came out. I'm contemplating reviving it, and want an independent opinion on whether it's something with a potential or is worthless, as well in what...
  9. Artlav

    The Banshee, prelude

    I've been looking at that lonely, hot exoplanet that was discovered last week in the TW Hydrae stellar association. Contemplating what it would look like there. Filling in the blanks, doing the math. I'd love to write a story set there, but i can't put a storyline together if my life depended on...
  10. Artlav

    Project Open Universal Autopilots

    As i mentioned before, odds are i won't be around to finish or improve my add-ons, even the good ones. But there is one add-on that is both good and open-source friendly, being made in C++ and with extendability in mind. UAP, the Universal Autopilots. Previous threads...
  11. Artlav

    The end of an era, or R.I.P. OGLAClient

    Sometimes you look back and realize it's been a while. It's been a while since i really did anything with, for, or in Orbiter. I used it a time or two to explain orbital mechanics, and that's about it. I kept thinking about doing this or that, or porting some new or interesting Spaceway idea...
  12. Artlav

    Gaming Spaceway: Oculus Rift and Space Elevator update

    Info and download: Spaceway project Latest version: 150729 Previous thread: Spaceway: September 20th update Related threads: Copernicus - Space Science Laboratory Oculus Rift testing request This is a version of Spaceway i made for the "experience the space elevator" part of the Copernicus...
  13. Artlav

    Oculus Rift testing request

    Long story short, i'd love to have Oculus Rift support in Orbiter for the Copernicus project's simpit. It so happened that i got a chance to test the device today. Bad news is, i only had a few hours of warning to understand the SDK and write the support into OGLA engine, and then about 10...
  14. Artlav

    [Teaching & feedback] Copernicus - Space Science Laboratory Friends of mine are going to be running a learning camp in Budapest this July, themed around building a space elevator. Not just any space elevator, but the one that is using the spoils of space mining going down to power the lifting of the payloads. However...
  15. Artlav

    Cockpit Door Discussion

    By the way, how exactly do you lock a door on that plane? The report does not say anything about sounds of the copilot getting up and locking the door. If you need to get out to lock/unlock it, then that suggests medical issues or confusion of some sort just as easily as suicide. Then, what if...
  16. Artlav

    Gaming Artlav's Space Engineers Server

    How about an OF Space Engineers server (as talked about here )? First take wasn't too good, perhaps second time the charm. If there is enough interest and nothing breaks, i can keep it online indefinitely at no extra cost...
  17. Artlav

    The astrology of 2015

    Here is our horoscope for 2015, assuming you're not in space probe business.
  18. Artlav

    Gaming Spaceway: September 20th update

    Location: Spaceway project Previous thread and project description: Latest: 140923 Another update of Spaceway is out. This time i tried something a little bit different. A gameplay mode, that have a short story to keep the player occupied, as...
  19. Artlav

    Discussion Orulex revival?

    Orulex is a terrain generator for Orbiter that i once made. Orulex_Land_Gen-v1.2 It was not updated for almost 6 years, for a variety of reasons. I've recently dug up the sources for a version of it that would compile and run, dated from somewhere between then and now. Which begs a question...
  20. Artlav

    Project GenericVessel 140205, the SC3 open-source replacement

    Old thread: As Face put it before: Simply speaking, it's an open remake for spacecraft3.dll, with stretch goals of improving on top of it. Current version is 140205. Distribution version: (223Kb) This contains...