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  1. jacquesmomo


    Not really new, but just a few improvements to my kourou-zone, and especially the addition of a new scenario using Dan's new Orbitersound commands. The link on OH : Kourou-CSG v5.1 Preview here : the video is exactly the new presentation scenario of the Kourou Space Center. Comments are...
  2. jacquesmomo

    New Release Honda CB350

    I am proud (and happy) to propose you this splendid motorcycle Honda CB350 K4 -1979 model . (similar to mine that I still have ...) I did not manage to send it on OH ... :sos: So I give you the link to download it: And...
  3. jacquesmomo

    New Release KOUROU-v5 (update for V4)

    Hi every body I can not upload my addon on OH I don't know yet why... (I have sent a msg to the OH administrator. I'm waiting for his answer...) in the meantime I give you the link to download the file on the DanSteph French forum...
  4. jacquesmomo

    A little help from you... for my son !

    Hi everybody !!!:cheers::tiphat: As the title says ... some explanations....:lol: My son Damien is going to publications of videos on youtube ... This is music, in fact arrangements to his own way of some titles with piano. He will try to put a new one every 15 days (or more?) The goal of...
  5. jacquesmomo

    Advanced Question How to manage "TouchdownPoints" in a cfg file with 2016 ?

    Hello First excuse me for my bad English, I hope you understand ... I have problems with the new management of contact points in Orbiter 2016 . Before (orbiter 2010) we had just to declare in a config file a "plane" triangle as this : TouchdownPoints = 0 -3 -10 -8 3 10 8 3 10 But I saw (in...
  6. jacquesmomo

    Problem I can't see my res 19 tile in Orbiter 2016

    Hi !:tiphat: I need somme help... I'm bored, I do not see in Orbiter 2016 the resolution 19 tiles... There is in my "Earth.cfg" MaxPatchResolution = 19 ; surface texture resolution limit (1-19) I don't see what I'm missing.... My explorer with folder's name and dds files (dds 512x512 DXT1 no...