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    Updates Kepler: Mission news & launch thread

    About coming to that day! They have concluded a review to evaluate similarities between the Delta II and Taurus fairing systems and Kepler is currently green for launch March 6th 10:49 p.m. EST from Cape Canaveral's pad 17B. The mission is now just a little over 3 days from scheduled launch...
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    A tribute to all Orbiter Community

    I dedicate my very first blog in tribute to this great community and the amazing accomplishments of it's good staff for making the community what it is today. O.F. has always been the best community I've ever known that is constantly growing and changing for the better! It's member base has...
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    So who's into viewing Satellites? (Especially Iridium Flares)

    It's a thing I love to do on my back porch thanks to when I found I've seen Hubble at least twice which got suprisingly bright and I've seen several spy satellites and leftover boosters. I've seen ISS a couple weeks ago and it was an amazing sight in the morning...