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    Request Ragtags ships Firefly with shuttles,mule,and skids,UMMU,and UCGO compatible.

    How hard is adding uMMu support to the Firefly? Thanks, Guys! Christopher Tarana
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    Books for understanding Orbiter

    NASA has some free Ebooks on their website. Just Google NASA EBooks! Thanks, Guys! Christopher Tarana
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    OHM Whatever happened to JMarcure

    Jon is registered on OHM as Ragtag! Thanks, Guys! Christopher Tarana
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    Idea Shuttle Fleet recompile for Orbiter 2016

    The first place I look is the manual for the addon! The NotesMFD works fine in Orbiter 2006p1! Place a folder named (notes) in Orbiter's Base Folder. That's where the .txt files go! I read the manual for the USS Excelsior fine! Thanks, John! Christopher Tarana
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    Changed Orbiter's Folder Name.

    For newer users who might not be sure about it! :cool: Thanks, Guys! Christopher Tarana
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    Changed Orbiter's Folder Name.

    I just renamed my Orbiter 2010p1 from C:\OrbiterP1 to C:\Orbiter 2010p1. So far I'm not seeing any problems! Thanks, Martin! :hailprobe: Christopher Tarana
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    OHM Whatever happened to JMarcure

    He's more around than James Dixon! (y) Thanks, Guys! Christopher Tarana
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    New Release Calculator CF

    This one was good! I can actually multiply the value of Pi by 16 factors! Thanks, GLS! Christopher Tarana
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    New Release KOUROU-v5 (update for V4)

    I'd just installed Kourou_v5.1 and it's excellent! I'm not using the DirectX9 graphic's engine, and not having issues running the add-on! Eight Star Rating! 5 Stars plus 3 Michelans! :) Thanks, Guys! Christopher Tarana
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    News Germany eyes space satellite launchpad in North Sea

    Or the V1 or V2? I wasn't aware of Germany's post WW2 launch history? Thanks, Guys! Christopher Tarana
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    SDK Question Adding Gas to Roger Long's Ships!

    I looked over Kulch's Space Tug Docked to the ISS scenario to see why worked! BEGIN_SHIPS ISS:ISS STATUS Orbiting Earth RPOS 6234910.33 1847409.88 -1729502.58 RVEL 2528.973 -7112.736 1517.424 AROT 30.00 0.00 -40.00 DOCKINFO 1:0,SpaceTug IDS 0:588 100 1:578 100 2:568 100 XPDR 466...
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    Discussion Scrooge McDuck's Remote Control Plug-in

    I just installed Scrooge McDuck's Remote Control Plugin into Orbiter 2003! It has an undocking that works on the default vessels! Thanks, Scrooge! Christopher Tarana
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    SDK Question Adding Gas to Roger Long's Ships!

    I made a mistake in some the scenarios for the Star Trek Ships. In some scenarios, two ships are in the same spot! The newer scenario editors From 2006 on are the best! Thanks, Urwumpe! Christopher Tarana
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    SDK Question Adding Gas to Roger Long's Ships!

    That type of scenario editor didn't show up until Orbiter 2006! (y) The scenario editor I have is a little more basic! I can add ships or Kill them! The actual file is editor.dll! Thanks, Urwumpe! :cool: Christopher Tarana
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    SDK Question Adding Gas to Roger Long's Ships!

    ng They were all .cfg vessels! I went back to his site using Wayback Machine and downloaded all his stations! Those are needed the fuel! The vessels were all .cfg ships. I went back to his website, using the Wayback Machine, and downloaded all his stations! They needed the fuel. I noticed in...
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    SDK Question Adding Gas to Roger Long's Ships!

    MaxFuel = 30e6 ; max fuel mass [kg] Isp = 11e8 ; fuel specific impulse [m/s], aka fuel efficiency I'm trying to add fuel to four of Roger's vessels! I added the above lines to the .cfg files, nothing happens when I load up Orbiter 2003? Do I have edit the scenarios too...
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    Request Eagle Model By Roger Long

    Cristiano Corti is the author the Moonbase Alpha Scenery. Importatnt: this add-on need the Eagle Transporter by Frying Tiger Here's part of the scenario! BEGIN_SHIPS Eagle 1:eagle99 STATUS Landed Moon BASE Moonbase Alpha:MoonbaseAlpha POS -9.9726492...
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    Request Eagle Model By Roger Long

    I'm looking the Space 1999 Eagle that was done by Roger Long! It's needed for one of the Moonbase Alphas! :hailprobe: Thanks, Guys! Christopher Tarana
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    Discussion MoonBase Alpha For Orbiter 2006p1

    I downloaded satanas' MoonBase Alpha addon from OHM and it works great! Definately, A Five Star Rating! (y)I like Space 1999 as a series, it was different from Star Trek but similar! Thanks, Satanas! Christopher Tarana
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    Request MarsBase Skager

    Thanks, Llarian! I snagged a fresh copy off OHM, and found the original in Andy's folder! Christopher Tarana