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    Internet Something New

    I am in the works right now with my web team at to bring a new site up and running. No major details as of yet. It's just being done. I have not decided how much of the you know what I am willing to spend on it but I am doing it. I have opened up a group on the Facebook to be...

    Question Is there a mfd to display jpg?

    I am looking for something that will let me show a jpg or bmp of a map with a little more detail then what is currently in the stock orbiter map. I want to show state lines, border lines. etc etc. I have another post on the same matter but maybe I am going about it all wrong and have to do it...

    A little update.

    Well the Neb is coming along great. I am working on the sounds today and tomorrow and the mesh and code is in beta testing I guess. We have the pads moving so the animation is very tight. things look so smooth and the way it is in the movie. Besides the sound, the design team is working the...

    Flight Question How to stop just stop

    I was trying to land some place other then a pad. i wanted to line up and land which was a pain to say the least. is there a button I don't know about that stop you dead or a MFD or something that will if turned on will hold you stationary over where ever the ship is or stops. the drift is a...

    Problem Add a different kind of thrust effect

    OK. Everyone by now knows about me and that's fine. Even if I am not super impressed about why. Anyways I thought I would give it one more go to get help on a different issue then in the past. As for the most part that was a waste of time. My developer friend and I are in a bit of a pickle...

    Question Inter-Dimensional flight

    In another of Roddenberry's shows called earth final conflict. The Taelon ships have the ability to "jump" into I.D. Space and fly to a target and jump back into normal space. Because it is "Inter Dimensional" flight normal laws don't apply also a given ship could travel through a planet. I...

    General Question ATC

    I am just wondering about if there is something that would sim a standard ATC (air traffic control) situation? For example is there a MFD that you could use to radio ATC and ask for clearance to land or any other situations that might come up. I know that the sound pack has that already but...

    Advanced Question Control or MFD's via Local network

    Ok. So here is the basic set up in a nut shell. computer 1=dual monitor computer running orbiter monitor a=main monitor b=external MDF's computer 2=single monitor computer Can one do anything with orbiter on computer 2? eg MFD's or anything via the local network. so basically a tri...

    The Nebuchadnezzar

    It all started with one ship. Then it turned into wow what a ship and design. Then it turned into a base and launching system. Now it's just about done. The stuff that has been done to this base is super cool. It has a lot to work with. The ability to launch a slingship down the tunnel and...

    General Question Orbit over a base

    I am wondering if it is possible to place something in orbit over a base and it be over the base permanently in sync with the orbit. is this possible using the scenario config add on? example a space station or something else in synchronized orbiter over brighton beach or something like that.

    Project PAX-377 Slingship 377 From Space Rangers (1993 TV Show)

    Well. Everyone has seen me posting around here. It is my pleasure to report that the final testing for Slingship 377 from the TV Space Rangers is just about done. As I am new to the Orbiter world (system :) ) The designer is not. He has given you the SPACE 1999 Addon as well as a few other...

    General Question space gates

    In most sci fi show. The ship has the use of some kinda FTL system (faster then light) Warp drive, hyperspace what have you. Babylon 5 use jump gates. Stargate use well, stargates to move from point to another. I know there are warp MFD's and all that but does this kinda system exist? You...

    Where do I start. WARNING I don't sugar code nothing.

    Well, First off I want to say a big thank you to the makers and shakers of orbiter. By far the big addiction right now. I started out like most. Grabbing every add on I could find that interested me. My orbiter was just jammed. I tried the star trek ones the star wars ones. If it has...

    Vessel Nebuchadnezzar

    I was just watching the matrix. It's been a while. With all the cool things that can be done within the world of orbiter. This would be the king to design. So many moving pads to do the job. It would be so crazy. I'm surprized none have made the attempt. Yes it is a hover craft...

    Flight Question Dll Vessel fly true

    I was wondering if there is a easy fix to these issues. When any thrust is applied the ship wants to pull up. When speed is reached and at altitude it seems to be better. for example If I hover up to 1000 and then punch it. the ship wants to pull up. I have tried the elevator. It seems...

    Question other MP3 players in orbiter

    I have wasted half a day trying to get mp3 to play in orbiter. ( i have another thread) Well I give up. I can't sit here when I should be working on other things trying to figure this out. I have followed the instructions. my computer plays mp3's in EVERY software i have with out any issues...

    Problem Adding music to orbiter music folder

    I have followed the instructions in the folder regarding putting music into orbiter I am using the MP3 into folder method I have renamed the playlist file as instructed. When I open orbiter and go to the radio and try to play something. I get a freeze up and not even a CTD. Can someone...

    PAX-377 is born

    Today I got to take a test flight of the SPACE RANGER PAX377 also know as "Lizzy" She still has some bugs to short out. But nothing like flying a Slingship 10m above the ground at crazy speed. Credit to the designer as he is going right all out on this thing. she's gonna be the only thing I fly.

    Question Rwarp and flying in atmo

    I was just putting around and I wanted to go from L.A (base I made in the right spot) to Ottawa (same thing) now yes they are far away but that being said. ottawa is est (timezone) and LA is PST so -3hr difference. so..I programmed the warp jump for ottawa and a alt of 50k which is a general...

    General Question Stock mapMFD map

    I am wondering if somewhere someone has made or changed or what ever you smarter then me people do a map that has the state lines, maybe the names and country boarder lines. Something a little more accurate then the outer shapes of the continents. I was just wondering. I was flying around...