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  1. indonesianorbinaut

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    look what i found, screenshot of the forum. from 23rd October 2007 :thumbup:
  2. indonesianorbinaut

    X-Plane 9 for Android is now free!

    not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Y :(
  3. indonesianorbinaut

    :happybday: :cheers: :)

    :happybday: :cheers: :)
  4. indonesianorbinaut

    News Neil has passed away

    R.I.P Neil, godspeed :salute:
  5. indonesianorbinaut

    Hello from Canada

    :welcome: to O-F, szpw! :hello:
  6. indonesianorbinaut

    :happybday: Izack! :) :cheers:

    :happybday: Izack! :) :cheers:
  7. indonesianorbinaut

    hello from australia

    :welcome: to O-F, we won't bite you :P
  8. indonesianorbinaut

    HELLO THERE !! :)

    :welcome: to O-F, Combat squirrel! check out some add-ons and tutorials in this forum and ;) Happy Orbiting! :tiphat:
  9. indonesianorbinaut

    Show us your battle station.

    Loru's machine :O :hail:
  10. indonesianorbinaut

    Hello from Indonesia

    emang :P :lol:
  11. indonesianorbinaut

    Hello from Indonesia

    bukan saya, sumpah
  12. indonesianorbinaut

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    LOL, this picture made my day :lol:
  13. indonesianorbinaut

    It's been good fun Orbiter

    farewell, buddy and good luck :)
  14. indonesianorbinaut

    Installation AMSO-121 will not run

    have you installed Orbiter 2010 P1?
  15. indonesianorbinaut

    Hello from MerA

    :welcome: to O-F, MerA :cheers:
  16. indonesianorbinaut

    Happy Birthday DanSteph!

    :happybday: Dan! :cheers:
  17. indonesianorbinaut

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    watch out guys, we're dealing with a Russian over here
  18. indonesianorbinaut

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Orbiter will always free, forever (i hope so) :lol:
  19. indonesianorbinaut

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    :happybday: to Dr. Brian Harold May, CBE. the guitarist of Queen, an astrophysicist, and an animal activist :)
  20. indonesianorbinaut

    Question Where are you on the global fat scale?

    23 bmi :blush: i was too fat for an Indonesian :(