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  1. Coolhand

    Gaming Perhaps today is a good day to sim? - BMS 'Darkfalcon' released!

    If you're not familiar with this legendary series of combat flight sims, a long time ago there was a Falcon, then 3 more versions of it, then it essentially became abandonware and has had continued development for a decade by various groups. There was an open version, and a free version, and a...
  2. Coolhand

    Gaming Payware to Freeware Simming

    A couple more mainstream sims have gone 'freeware' (albeit in a stripped down form) this time in a bid to attract new customers and fill up online multiplayer servers (as opposed to it sometimes being 'abandonware' like falcon 4, which is not really abandonware, but owned by certain members of...
  3. Coolhand

    Project Sasquatch - Heavy Duty Scifi Rover / Explorer

    Hello all:hello:... Missed me? I built this for something else, but it may be some time or never before its used to its full potential. Orbiter may have more capability, with perhaps something like orulex providing terrain for it to drive on, i'd be really interested in what Artlav might have...
  4. Coolhand

    Project Heavy Metal

    I hope to post a series of designs in here, for far future, 100 + years spaceships on a large scale, this will also include large space stations! Saving time by Sharing assets like textures, windows, seats, landing gear and so on to build a collection of vehicles and assets. The goal is to have...
  5. Coolhand

    Question .FX (directx) coding - help needed.

    Hey all, this is not totally related to orbiter but i'm attempting to add bump, specular and ambient mapping to this model for use in FFED3D you may be wondering, what is FFED3D... Remember elite? remember Frontier Elite 2? Remember its...
  6. Coolhand

    Question Shuttle heating in LEO

    I'm sure someone here knows the answer, Is sunlight energy a big deal in earth orbit? remember Apollo 13 where the ship froze up after the systems were shut down... The shuttle needs radiators in LEO, how much of this is used to cool the systems (avionics, etc) and how much is used to...
  7. Coolhand

    Project Orbital / lunar Cities

    I stumbled upon the image of the wheel station while looking for pics of the junkfighter (see xr2 thread) I made it for a space trading game thats somewhere in development still, probably. I may have a look for it and donate it to the orbiter community, if i can't find it i might well build...
  8. Coolhand

    Project Orbital Racer

    Inspired by the ORRL but nothing to do with that project in particular - though it would give a purpose to a vessel like this where one didn't exist before, thanks WHAP. It's a concept for a rocket racer for atmospheric & orbital races, single seat, fusion rocket powered... tech maybe 100+...
  9. Coolhand

    Project UFO - Sport Model

    To UFO fans this should be familiar as being similar to the "sport model" type that was allegedly worked on by a certain infamous "physicist" at Area 51/S4. Model includes no animated parts, no special effects, no VC...;) Since its so simple i might take a crack at getting it into orbiter...
  10. Coolhand


    Looks, umm, dead... All will be revealed tomorrow, apparently.
  11. Coolhand

    Home made Track IR

    I've been thinking about buying a track IR for some time now, if you're not familiar with them (though i'm sure most of you are) they're devices that use a camera and Infrared or visible light to track points (LED's or reflectors) mounted to your head and via software translate this data into...
  12. Coolhand

    ISS location?

    Can anyone tell me if the ISS was due to be passing over england about 2 minutes prior to this post? I'm pretty sure i got a good look at it's reflected light. Second time i've seen it i think, but perhaps it was just a satellite? It was real bright though not as bright as the last time when...
  13. Coolhand

    Sensei Challenge @ Scifi-meshes

    Over at SFM, The Sensei team (including myself) have just launched Sensei Challenge Number 8. A test of modelling, texturing and design skills we are currently challenging you to build an Airlock. The challenge...
  14. Coolhand

    Request Support for other mesh / 3d formats and shaders in current and future versions?

    Hi guys, i've recently been working on the ingame materials for the XR2 and have been thinking about the shaders that are currently supported in orbiter. This has lead to a couple of questions. 1, Is there currently any support for a mesh format other than .msh? Would it be possible to...
  15. Coolhand

    SSTO Waverider Concept

    **I already wrote this once, then forum told me it wouldn't accept tags over 25 characters and on displaying that message it ate my post, all it says about the limit is that you can only have 5 tags... gah. anychance that limit can be removed or at least labelled clearly? i hate it when a...
  16. Coolhand

    Project XR2 Ravenstar - Mk II

    Doug pointed me in the direction of this board since the orbiter M6 board seems to be boned at the moment. If you haven't seen it, its essentially a larger, faster XR1.:) Circumstances mean i have setup a donation link I realise there are a lot good causes to donate to like orbiter itself...