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    bad mesh

    Hi Something is weird in the CM-Docktgt mesh LABEL Plane MATERIAL 0 GEOM 0 0 this section is causing memory problems and crashes, Orbiter is not able to allocate empty sections like this one (no protection against it in the loadmesh source code)
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    pb with ags in apollo 11 before pdi scenario

    Hi I recently tried the apollo 11 pdi and did get abnormal speed on the AGS (adress 433) the speed was increasing all the time and diverged from the DSKY speed value I did some investigation and i think I found the problem : missing initialization of the dVInitialized variable in inertial.cpp
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    fuzzy moon view in sextant

    Hi, just a dumb question about the moon view with sextant while in moon orbit (see image attached) I am getting a fuzzy view in the sextant, is that normal or am I missing some configuration somewhere ? The view is perfect in the telescope and I have downloaded the hires moon textures thanks
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    lem Co2 question

    hello I fly Apollo 11 with an up to date version at 55h MET , my crew is entering the LEM for 2 hours I installed the CSM O2 hose by clicking in the apollo MFD after 2 hours, CO2 has accumulated in the LEM (partial pressure has gone up from 0.3 mmHG to 5 mmHG) is that normal ...
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    apolllo 11 mcc-3 in gimbal lock zone

    Flying apollo 11 with mcc enabled my mcc1 and mcc2 were scrubbed but I get the following mcc-3 in gimbal lock zone It is the first time I see this Is that supposed to happen with mcc ? P30 MANEUVER MCC-3 PURPOSE SPS/G&N PROP/GUID +63272 WT N47 +000.73 PTRIM N48 -000.32 YTRIM +00053 HRS GETI...
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    lm ECS LM suit isol valve override actuator not working

    Flying apollo 11 , at LM activation i see that this switch is not working I see in the source lemsystems.cpp that the following code is commented out is this normal ? CDRIsolValve.Init(this, &CDRSuitIsolValve, &CDRActuatorOvrd); //LMPIsolValve.Init(this, &LMPSuitIsolValve, &LMPActuatorOvrd)...
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    savestate very slow on beta

    hi, am I the only one experiencing very slow savestate with orbiter beta ? for me it seems to freeze the sim for something like 3 seconds thanks
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    SDK Question panel stretching and drawing

    I have the following problem I see that when screen resolution exceeds the panel bitmap dimension the panel bitmap is stretched to fill entire screen, that's OK But i try do display some text using GDI calls on the DC given by oapiGetDC I see that my GDI calls are stretched the same way I...