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  1. goForTLI

    General Question Sigma 7 incompatibility

    Well, I'm trying to fly Sigma 7 flight using orbiter 2010 and project mercury 2006, but there are some cognitions that make the flight impractical, for example the event marker displays a retro fire count of 4 hours and 32 minutes, incompatible with the Sigma 7 flight, another point is the...
  2. goForTLI

    General Question Orbiter 2010 STS payloads2010R0 SPAS problem

    All right, i flow the STS 7 mission and complete the rendezvous with the SPAS, and at the time to stow the SPAS at cargo bay i position he on correct position, but he no arrest again on PL bay, some help would be very nice ! I know that the scenarie is old but it would be nice to be able to...
  3. goForTLI

    General Question LM Ground School

    I look for a manual, which is not as extensive as the Operations Handbook to familiarize me with the LM systems. :salute::cheers:
  4. goForTLI

    Flight Question NASSP reentry problem

    All right, when I keep the focus on the DSKY during re-entry the spacecraft becomes completely unstable, however when I move the focus to the outside or the rendezvous window it stabilizes, I am not able to find the cause of the problem, if anyone can help me I would be grateful :salute:
  5. goForTLI

    Question I am looking for an MFD to mark the time of the mission

    I like to fly with the orbiter on real missions; that require actions to be taken at the right time, but I did not find any MFD that marked the time of the mission.I am using orbiter 2010.Any suggestions or help would be good for me. Since already grateful:thumbup:
  6. goForTLI

    NASSP problem with PAD display

    Hello guys. I'm having a problem with the PADs for SPS burs realignment and etc. What happens and that when a PAD is generated, it prevents the other from being generated, for example, if the TLI PAD is generated, it stays by the the rest of the mission preventing the MMC PAD 1 from appearing...
  7. goForTLI

    Problem Runway 17 in Edwards how get it ?

    :)I am using orbiter 2010 and also LC 39 EAFB 2006 Hi Res and I can not get the marks of clues 17 and 35 I would like an explanation because in Doc informs that the marks of clues 17 and 35 but when I install the addon I do not have the clue.:tiphat: I have all the requirements installed but...
  8. goForTLI

    Question Pylon mfd-saving an update

    I'm fan of shuttle fleet and sts payloads 2.01 And I would like to know if there is an update (or hope) of pylon mfd since sts payloads needs this addon reminding that I am using orbiter 2010 I'm sorry for my English thank you so much :tiphat: