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    Lunar trax

    Lunar trax. I saw these when they were posted. Nice editing.
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    The pentagon videos Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

    Hello there, I recently been reading into some news article via yahoo news, and CNN.
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    A better engine is what is needed to get to the moon and the planets in the system

    Hi, I saw a film about Pluto the other day, and it took many years for a probe to get to the planet, New Horizons, I've forgotten the mission profile and all that now. But with the challenge of traveling to the planets in the solar system, some sort of research is needed to increase the time...
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    Remember the Evacuate Earth film?

    Hi, Anyone actually saw it on television? I only saw it on youtube, not the best quality, while the main narrative of the film was fairly imaginative, and designed to kind of get the ball rolling on where a group of people could go, it is certainly thought provoking. While the film was made in...
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    Question Any program can read and search multiple text files?

    Hi, I wanted to know, are there any programs besides using Excel that can read/search through multiple text files? Thank you.
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    News 2020 Budget

    Hi, I just wanted to post up the link, nice to see some work getting done at the agency with their contractors.:thumbup: Any thoughts on this?
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    Discussion Professor Rees snippet on space flight and humanity

    Hi, I saw this via the Guardian website, just a small video, Professor Rees gives his view on Astronauts and space flight. It got me thinking about Robert Zubrin, the enthusiast about wanting settlers to go to Mars and staying there, and I guess going beyond to somewhere else in the solar...
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    Discussion The next budget

    Hi, So I read via yahoo news, that on the website called Verge, there are rumours, or speculation that funding for the station may change, and not last beyond some believed a few years back to 2028. The 2019 budget is due early next month. Should be interesting...
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    Discussion The space launch system launch date is for the year after next

    Hi, I'm sure everybody knows, I recently read via NASA, about the space launch system being launched not until early 2019. So this is the first rocket launch test. Originally planned for next year.
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    Discussion Deep Space Gateway and Transport Plan

    Hi, I found this report quite late, there is this clip which displays the summary of the plan. A plan for a lunar orbital craft, and a booster section to take an MPCV to Mars. This is as close as have to an actual mission roadmap. It does remind me of the first plan nearly thirty years back...
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    Request Space Launch system Habitat module?

    Hi, I would like to see this if possible. One could use the Mars One addon, as part of it may be useful to create that section for a fly by of Mars. I hope somebody can create this. Thank you.
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    Discussion Earth orbital hotel?

    Hi people, As expensive as it is to launch, what are the thoughts on such an idea? I guess I could launch my own non profit group and call it orbital hotel 30. Aim to get thirty guests staying at an orbital hotel. What would it be made of? :dry:
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    Discussion Journey to Mars

    Hi, I don't expect this to go anywhere, but since the new government moved in recently. Does anyone think the program will continue under this government term ahead? The next budget will certainly continue the webb telescope and the construction of the space launch system. My view is that...
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    Question Dream chaser first flight?

    Hi, I had a view of the Dream Chaser's site, when does this vehicle eventually go up on its first mission?
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    Rocket propulsion what alternatives could there ever be?

    Hi, What alternatives could there ever be for rocket launches? I suspect as construction requires fuels that are used every day, and a rocket requires, hydrogen and oxygen to get into orbit. It is unlikely any other power could launch a payload into orbit ever. I saw a video clip example of...
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    News NASA proposals for a new frontiers mission

    Hi, I was just reading this on, interesting proposals. I personally like the Moon's south pole basin one.
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    Question Using Blender 2.76

    Hi, I wanted to open one of the mesh files from Orbiter 2016 in Blender, I need a mesh file importer/exporter, is there one for this version of the program? I made a basic sail using a free public domain sail image to texture it. It is based of the animation Starshot. I added a cube looking...
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    Discussion The hypothetical Mars flyby using Orion in the early 2020's

    Hi there, I only read of this the other day, but there was a discussion more than two years ago about using the Orion craft with the Space Launch rocket to do a flyby. At the time, the House committee stated that there wasn't enough money for a lunar program, well may be one yeah I'm sure...
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    Idea Apollo 5 scenario?

    Hi, Is there anyone who can setup an Apollo 5 mission, that would be involve launching a lander on a rocket into orbit? Either with the historic or what was released constellation addon sometime ago now, last year. Thank you.
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    Discussion Under 2005 dollars 730 million Lander for a Moon mission, one that is

    Hi, I was reading through an old report, which was published twelve years ago. And it is a little dated now. But I was reading through it, and on page 7 where it states the estimates by NASA as the first cost of return to the moon on one mission as 13 billion in 2005 dollars based off the...