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    Internet "Cosmos" sequel trailer now up!

    Cosmos has been on NAT GEO in canada for a while now. the older cosmos Im guessing the first season or what have you is on the canadian netflix so I can only assume that it would be in the states (way better netflix then we have) I am not sure about other areas but I do go state side often so...

    Advanced Question Help on making a pop window like for RMS arm

    Hey...thanks He is not online but I will send him a msg now to let him know.

    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    Here is a shot from the current project we are working on. Still some kinks. Like you know...the whole fireball in the sky part which should not be there. But still. I thought that I would share a little shot of her so everyone can see. I will post a better pic of here with out the fireball...
  4. We are still working out the you can see.

    We are still working out the you can see.

  5. The Nebuchadnezzar

    The Nebuchadnezzar


    General Question Stock mapMFD map

    no loru started to answer it. thanks tho

    Question Is there a mfd to display jpg?

    ya thats exactly what I mean. The new layout is what I am looking for just with more details like borders etc etc. I love the new layout. I can make a bmp for the old layout that is easy. I just found it and I know photoshop well. But when I switched over to 2006 I was like WHAT HAPPENED...

    General Question Stock mapMFD map

    OK. So i finally figured out what all this code means that people posted. SO THANKS FOR THAT. I got it to go back to the old 2006 map. I didn't know that the MFD changed a bit as well. No way to get the bmp on the new mfd layout?

    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.13, Mar 7, 2015)

    I agree with it not being part of the base orbiter pkg for sure cause you make a very good point. things change. But a updated vector file or something would be great for people who do want to go touring around without having to leave orbiter for something else. is there a template or...

    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.13, Mar 7, 2015)

    just because orbiter is not FSX or others like it does not mean people can get it right? with all the focus in 2014 on the new textures and landmasses you would think that this is kinda a big deal. what is the point of flying to the grand canon now that it is there if you cant find the state...

    Question Is there a mfd to display jpg?

    Hey hey hey....THATS PRETTY COOL. Ya its something I have wanted for a while. The ability to show borders and such. It seems that this way might be the only way to do it as the mapmfd uses a vector image rather then a normal image. I was really hoping to use the vector style that 2010 map mfd...

    New Orbiter Beta Released (r.13, Mar 7, 2015)

    having a map that shows both height as well as boundaries, state lines everything due to the amount of detail that the textures now have i think would be a must. real pilots have all this so why not orbiter.

    Hey just wanted to say Hi and thanks for all the help with both the neb and lizzy (pax377)

    Hey just wanted to say Hi and thanks for all the help with both the neb and lizzy (pax377)

    Programming Question Realtime telemetry export

    Sending anything like that to google maps would be super cool. I have wanted something like that for while just no ability to do it my self. It would be so cool to actually see where you are rather then just a idea of where you are on the planet.

    Internet Something New

    I am in the works right now with my web team at to bring a new site up and running. No major details as of yet. It's just being done. I have not decided how much of the you know what I am willing to spend on it but I am doing it. I have opened up a group on the Facebook to be...

    Question Rwarp and flying in atmo

    Well You could drop out and yes go boom. But the warp drive in star trek ( gravimetric field displacement manifold ) pulls the ship out of normal space time and moves the space around it to get to a given location. as shown in I don't know how many episodes warp drive can happen in a solar...

    Question Rwarp and flying in atmo

    Been talking with people and also learning what I can. But im wondering if rwarp pulled you out of current reality like warp drive actually does then these issues would be resolved.

    Question Is there a mfd to display jpg?

    I am looking for something that will let me show a jpg or bmp of a map with a little more detail then what is currently in the stock orbiter map. I want to show state lines, border lines. etc etc. I have another post on the same matter but maybe I am going about it all wrong and have to do it...

    Problem Add a different kind of thrust effect

    OMG...That's part of the code for the neb...scary. I don't have a clue what all that even means. Props to you all. where's the universal translator?

    Flight Question How to stop just stop

    Hey thanks. I'll look into it. Hovermfd works really really well for all other applications. It's just holding 100% stable over a target off a nav beacon.