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  1. dougkeenan

    R.I.P. Gerry Anderson

    Thank you very much.
  2. dougkeenan

    ISS LED Light on Kickstarter

    Made this ISS light and it took off on Kickstarter. Hit my goal so now effort shifts to production!
  3. dougkeenan

    "Hang on, we're in for some chop."

    Got curious what SurfaceMFD thinks of the Venus airbrake maneuver brought up in the screenshot thread.
  4. dougkeenan

    "Iron Sky" 3rd trailer

  5. dougkeenan

    "For All Mankind"

    "Here Men From The Planet Earth First Set Foot Upon the Moon, July 1969 A.D. We Came in Peace For All Mankind." "We leave as we came and God willing as we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind.”
  6. dougkeenan

    MakerBot MBA Landing Pad

    Moonbase Alpha landing pad to same scale as Main Mission
  7. dougkeenan

    MakerBot Main Mission

    first pass, two parts
  8. dougkeenan

    "Tower Clear"

    NSS/Moon Society member Fred Becker put some original music to a neat 3D tour of the Saturn V. I like this!
  9. dougkeenan

    .. and ... made it!

    First time at success, many destroyed ships, from pad at KSC to pad at BB, in only enough time to complete "Clair de Lune" (about five minutes).
  10. dougkeenan

    We Come From There In Peace

  11. dougkeenan

    Funny thing happened on the way to Indianapolis ...

    ... when I found I could get an F4 into orbit. I expect this is an old bug well known but I've never seen it! Now where do I go? Got plenty of fuel left.
  12. dougkeenan

    Moon Oranges

    Yay fresh orange juice. No more Tang!
  13. dougkeenan

    LER garage clamshell test

    Animation test of clamshell doors on LER garage. Just fits GP! :) ZIP attachment is 1Mb wmv video.
  14. dougkeenan

    Question Force MFD's to render in external view

    When switching from interior VC view to exterior view the panel mesh is displayed but the MFD sub-display seems to no longer get rendered. Is it possible to tell Orbiter to keep rendering MFD's in EXT view?
  15. dougkeenan

    Looking back to the causeway

  16. dougkeenan

    Internet Orbiter group with automatic translation

    Check this out: I put an Orbiter group here: Would anybody like to try this?
  17. dougkeenan

    The 10X ISS Docking Club

    Ha! From about 50m out. Nerves of steel. Felt good. :) Pic is obviously easy to fake but I didn't have to. Haters.
  18. dougkeenan

    Science Gravity is an entropic force

    Erik Verlinde has accomplished what I didn't expect to see in my lifetime. I'm only half way through his paper but this is stunning work. His paper here. His blog here.
  19. dougkeenan

    Product Placement

    Can't say I eat sleep and drink Orbiter but after sleep now drink is done.