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  1. riclourenco

    CO2 Light turn on and Crew dies before apollo 11 launch

    Hello, Today I was about to launch a new Apollo 11 mission. Before that I noticed that there was a new update for NASSP (1483). I upgraded before starting the mission. I started the checklist normally. However before reaching T-1h40m I noticed that the light of the CO2 press was on (yellow)...
  2. riclourenco

    Apollo 12 MCC1 with the Apollo RTCC MFD

    Hello I am trying to do the apollo 12 mission, to see if I can at least reach the moon. So I decided to do apollo 11 too, to see if I can create the same Mission control PADs on Apollo RTTC MFD, so I could apply the same procedure on apollo 12. So I'm trying to do MCC1 on apollo 12,by trying...
  3. riclourenco

    Question Apollo 12 evasive maneuver

    Hello! I am trying to do Apollo 12 using Apollo RTCC MFD. I was able to do the TLI very well. Now I'm at GET + - 4h, and it's time to enter the PAD evasive maneuver data on the AGC. I can't find any options for this in RTCC MFD. I tried to get this PAD from Pre-advisory data> Maneuver Pad> P30...
  4. riclourenco

    Support Moon EVA

    Hello, Happy 50th anniversary of apollo 11 for the NASSP team!! I started a mission so that I could land on July 20 to celebrate the anniversary. Among some changes that you have made lately, in which you are increasing the performance and realism to this great simulator, I checked after the...
  5. riclourenco

    Question Apollo 11- LM P57 align

    I'm doing the apollo11 mission and I've been able to land. Now I'm learning to do the alignment of the IMU on the surface (P57), which the first comes in get +-103h20: I read about it in this link...
  6. riclourenco

    Question P22 in Apollo11 Mission

    Hello Since the apollo landmarks in visual helpers are not working for now, will I be able to do the Apollo 11 mission without doing P22? Thanks!
  7. riclourenco

    Problem Counting RR 5 Marks in LEM AGC- Apollo10

    Hello I have a problem with the RR marks after the 1st burn of the LEM after DOI in apollo 10. The count of the 5 marks never appears on line R1 of the LEM AGC (in V16N45), it always stays to zero: The DOI Burn was good as well as the next burn, the orbits...
  8. riclourenco

    Question Apollo 10 AGS Activation

    Hello! I have been reading the AGS manual to do the activation. But there are some things that I still have doubts, and I would like to confirm if I did this procedure well. At GET 97h20 the time came in the checklist of "Set AGS Time (377) Biased" (AGC- V16 N65). I set the AGS time for the...
  9. riclourenco

    Question Apollo 10 LEM activation questions

    I have three main questions regarding the preparation of LEM in apollo10, which also had them when I was trying to make Apollo 9. The first one is regarding to the gimbal angles that we have to load AGC of the LEM. In apollo 9 the checklist said to put the PAMFD with the alignment in “LVLH”...
  10. riclourenco

    Problem Apollo9 After phasing burn

    hello I'm having a problem in apollo9 after LEM Phasing Burn. After this burn and the null of the residuals, the LEM does not do the correct maneuver when I do V37E20E in the AGC. Comparing with file 16 (Before phasing burn) from the apollo9 scenarios folder after doing the burn: Apollo 9...
  11. riclourenco

    Problem Apollo9 Phasing Burn attitude

    Hello everyone I'm having one more problem with LEM's phasing burn after the undoking (GET 93h43). I ran file 16 (name -Before phasing burn) from the scenarios folder of Apollo9, where it starts about 3 minutes before engine ignition, to compare the final attitude of the LEM (after passing T-2...
  12. riclourenco

    Question Gimbal angles and AGS zero time (Apollo9)

    Hello everyone I have two questions about the LEM. During the activation of the LEM, at some point we have to load the Gimbal angles of the LEM into the AGC. I'm supposed to read the LEM gimbal angles that I'm going to load in the apollo MFD right? The GET in which the AGS zero time starts...
  13. riclourenco

    Problem Apollo 9 phasing Burn

    Hello everyone I'd like to ask for help with a problem I'm having in Apollo9 in the phasing burn after undocking (+ -GET - 93h43m). The LEM engine does not start. To try to figure out what I'm doing wrong, I decided to start this phase of the mission through the new missions scenarios folder...
  14. riclourenco

    Support PIPA Bias check

    Hello everyone Can anyone tell me if this is the correct procedure for the LEM PIPA Bias check in Apollo 9? Measurement & Loading of PIPA Bias 1 DET - Reset Rates < 0.1º/ sec CMC Mode - Free 2 V25N 21E, E,E,E/ Start Event...
  15. riclourenco

    Question Apollo 9 LEM RR unstow

    hello I am doing apollo 9 and activating the LEM. Im having trouble with this part of the checklist, and I am not sure if i am doing it correctly: How do i do the RR unstow ?? In the part referring to "slew left 18sec to mode 1", i presume i have to use...