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    Compiling Orbiter and addons directly on Linux

    Hi, I know that some people have tried to compile Orbiter on Linux with a lot of issues. On my side, I begin to seriously think of a manner to compile Orbiter on Linux but it is not an easy task. I think also about the rendering engine which use DirectX. To be compatible as cross-platform...
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    General Question Is Orbiter 2016 still the official version ?

    Hi everyone, Through reading several threads about Orbiter development since it is open-source, I wonder if Orbiter 2016 is still the official version. Can we expect a 64 bits version soon ? Kind regards,
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    Small Bug with XR Fleet vessels on Orbiter Beta R90

    Hi, I really enjoy the XR fleet vessels and I really hope that EVA functionalities will be enabled in a near feature (Does someone have some recent news since last december about oMMU project ?). Currently, I use Orbiter Beta R90 since it is recommanded for using NASSP 8. But after loading an...
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    Hello at all and greetings from France !

    Hi, I am Etienne but you can call me "yitianetie" and I am passionate in cartography and astronomy. I have made my first steps in space simulator with Orbiter 2010, a long time ago where I have learnt orbiting and landing on the lunar base of Brighton Beach. But nothing more. I have also played...