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  1. PenguinMan94

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Did you try setting him to "W" for "wumbo" This is a very late reply I know
  2. PenguinMan94

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    There should be a name for that glitch when you crash into a solid surface really hard and you fly out of the solar system spinning extremely fast.
  3. PenguinMan94

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Does anyone remember this little guy?
  4. PenguinMan94

    Creating a Pressure-Fed Liquid Fueled Sounding Rocket

    I'm pretty sure that some people have used oxygen/hydrogen gas rockets acquired from electrolysis although I don't recommended it. I would have to agree that solid-fueled rockets are a whole lot safer on a small scale and cheaper.
  5. PenguinMan94

    Idea "Attila Space Launch System"

    Now I play Kerbal Space Program often and had always built one rocket and that is the "Attila Space Launch System" and it is quite successful and reliable its also cheap. Now I would like to advance my concept further and share this interesting rocket with the orbiter community. It is a two...
  6. PenguinMan94

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    I found some music that would fit with anything even orbiter and make it slightly funny. Its from a game called "The Stanley Parable".
  7. PenguinMan94

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Comic Sans Yeah it seems to be an older 2000's kind of thing.
  8. PenguinMan94

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Is it just me or do I not mind Comic Sans?
  9. PenguinMan94

    KSP-COS-Scenarios 2014-03-14

    Play and simulate with the Kizian COS Central Orbiting Station.
  10. PenguinMan94

    OHM ITS solar panels modules

    I like this I use it for most of my orbiting space stations and its so easy to use 5 stars :thumbup:
  11. PenguinMan94

    OHM Ray Of Light

    This is pretty cool I like it when you pass the earth I added more moons to my earth and it just added a even more amazing effect you get 5 stars :thumbup:
  12. PenguinMan94

    Kizian Space Project 2014-03-12

    Kizia is a fictional nation in Antarctica they have a very advanced space program known as KSP no not kerbal space program thats not even the same program. Anyway This addon is not tested and if you find bugs tell me and rate honestly I will add screenshots.
  13. PenguinMan94

    OHM CVEL Titans v1.36

    I was flying it for the first time and guess what came out :hailprobe:
  14. PenguinMan94

    OHM Uranus Astronomy

    Its a Challenge to land at an airbace
  15. PenguinMan94

    OHM Terra Little Base

    Oh :lol: that's funny!
  16. PenguinMan94

    OHM Terra Little Base

    Well Titan has a atmosphere so I guess yeah unless its on a body with no atmosphere then it be a space base
  17. PenguinMan94

    Terra Little Base 2014-02-03

    A small base for you planets and/or moons Enjoy and rate this honestly  if you downvote give a comment on why you rated it down
  18. PenguinMan94

    OHM Airwolf Copter

    How do you fly it?
  19. PenguinMan94

    OHM Uranus Astronomy

    Yep its on Umbriel. now that i think about it... It be very hard to land there! :lol:
  20. PenguinMan94

    OHM Nasa DGIV

    UGHHHHH LOL I failed!! :facepalm: My bad im new to moding and adding sorry. Don't worry I fixed it :)