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  1. supersonic

    North Korea No.2 on Happiness Scale North Korea No.2 on Happiness Scale, while US is 203 with no happiness. Isn't freedom a drag.:P
  2. supersonic

    Over one year

    Looks like I have been bothering the members of Orbiter-Forum for over year. In that time I have managed in only 272 post to become one of the most annoying members here, mainly because most of my posts are just mindless words put on a web forum.:facepalm: Luckily for everyone else the last few...
  3. supersonic

    Friend hurt in crash

    Just over a week ago, a friend of Dad's was almost killed in a plane crash, he was flying a 172 to someone and stalled shortly after takeoff. He was paralyzed from the neck down for a short time and now is in therapy. Many friends (including Dad) are flying for him until he can fly again. Please...
  4. supersonic

    Flight Question Free return using LT MFD

    Does anyone know how to create a free return trajectory in Lunar Transfer MFD? I can't seem to figure one out.
  5. supersonic

    Problem Mars local High Res Texture does not appear

    I have been trying to make a local high res area on Mars. I have the base config here: BASE-V2.0 Name = High Res Mars Location = -68.50 -5 Size = 50 BEGIN_SURFTILELIST 4 -114 -1559 1 END_SURFTILELIST I do have the surface tile I want to use in the textures folder with the correct name...
  6. supersonic

    Launch of space shuttle Atlantis

    I'm only a little late on posting this. Here is video Here is video of Atlantis launching for the last time.
  7. supersonic

    General Question Texture Editor

    I can't for the life in me find a texture editor. Nothing in the utility file in Orbiter works and I can't find a photo editor that can read texture files. Anyway, thanks.:tiphat:
  8. supersonic

    Solar eclipse

    Looking at Celestia I found out that there is going to be a solar eclipse July 11th for the USA.
  9. supersonic

    Space Telescope

    Space Shuttle Discovery lifted a new space telescope to orbit for the LSA. A few targets, like Ida weren't visible at the time. "It was the most beautiful launch I have ever seen," said a spectator," right after lift off the shuttle had that reddish glare that you normally see in orbit on a...
  10. supersonic

    Discovery launch today

    Today Discovery is launching to deliver a space telescope to orbit. The space telescope will mainly study the outer planets and asteroids. "We're really excited about this," the Chef Scientist said, "we just can't wait to learn more about the outer planets." The first target of the space...
  11. supersonic

    Launch of a new space station.

    The start of a space station has just been launched. The first three modules were just lifted to the heavens by an Energia launcher. In orbit operator failure to operate the RMS correctly resulted in only two of the three modules to stay in orbit. If you look carefully you may be able to see the...
  12. supersonic

    Going to to see Atlantis launch

    Well, the title said it all, my family is going to see the May 14th launch. The last Endeavor launch was a disaster for us. We went just so the launch could get canceled 5 minutes before the launch.:beathead: So we are trying one more time. I will post video if I see the launch.:thumbup:
  13. supersonic

    Programming Question How to make a vessel?

    I am new to making addons, and I have been wondering how to make a vessel. Thank you guys before hand.:)
  14. supersonic

    A crazy orbit.

    Huston, we have slight guidance error.:lol:
  15. supersonic

    Orbiter 2009 goes crazy with Orbiter 2006 exe

    I had been wondering what would happen if I used Orbiter 2006 exe on Orbiter 2009. Just today my Orbiter 2009 exe stoped working so I used Orbiter 2006 exe and this happend. Every planet and moon went right to the center of the sun!:lol: Looks like a great way to wake up......
  16. supersonic

    New solar system

    I am working on a solar system that I may post online sometime. I used a few textures from the Solar system. Earth is a moon and the Moon is well... a moon. One of the moons is not textured. There is one more planet but I have no more room to upload, so here is the main planet and its moons. The...
  17. supersonic

    Idea Moon with a moon

    I had an idea a few days back. In Orbiter is there a way to have a moon orbit a moon. I have tried editing the config files and can't get a moon to have a moon. I guess I would have to learn C++ to do so. I hope someone out there that might be able to get this to work. Thank you before hand:tiphat: