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  1. Loru


    Recently I bought simple drone in order to learn to fly however for some time I've been fascinated with high performance racing / acrobatic drones. This is my current one: While I'm still learning basics of quadcopter flying, I decided to make my own one with custom frame. Here is my WIP...
  2. Loru

    Request Orbiter 2016 Surface Tile import/export tool.

    As mentioned here I'm asking fellow developers to provide community with tool that'd extract height and texture data for particular tile and covert it to msh format along with saving texture in temporary direction, and after editing of those files in 3rd party software properly incorporating...
  3. Loru

    Project Starchaser and AV88 mesh for free

    So with my limited free time I decided to give away my Starchaser shuttle for anyone to pick and hopefully make it work in orbiter. Following package contains max, 3ds, obj files containing geometry, dds maps for texture map and bumpmap, layered PSD files to work on and obj material library...
  4. Loru

    Star Wars Force Awakens [Spoiler thread]

    You can talk spoilers here: Pleas keep them out from the other thread.
  5. Loru

    Discussion LKS inspired shuttle concept.

    For some time I've been playing around with various spaceplane concepts I'd like to use in orbiter for "daily use". I put "Starchaser" on hold because I want crew shuttle first. I played around with various concepts and I ended up returning to Chelomei's LKS. There something in that thing...
  6. Loru

    The Martian [SPOILERS]

    Per Andy's request: Personally I was amazed that most of the "IT" work as done in hexadecimal editor. That was really nice accent. I loved the scene where they were stripping down the MAV in mission control to achieve lowest possible mass. Epic win for "convertible mars ascent vehicle".
  7. Loru

    Gaming Game title contest.

    As many of you know me and Woo482 are developing space shooter game. While I like working title (Tide of War), there is mod for Freespace named Tides of War so we need new name. Here's the deal - if have good title idea for this game, feel free to post it. Author of the title picked for game...
  8. Loru

    Gaming VoidHawk WIP - ex. Tide of War

    Hi. As you may noticed I and Woo482 are working on space combat game. Instead of spamming chatbox with developement pictures I'm creating this thread. Tide of War (working title) will be a classic space combat shooter in spirit of Freespace, Wing commander or X-Wing Alliance. Player will...
  9. Loru

    Aeronautics E-books from NASA

    Some free to download E-books including "X-15: Extending the Frontiers of Flight" by Dennis R. Jenkins and "Coming Home: Reentry and Recovery from Space" by Roger D. Launius and Dennis R. Jenkins.
  10. Loru

    Project Starchaser Shuttle

    Starchaser shuttle is a DG sized shuttlecraft loosely based on Chelomei LKS shuttle concept. Possible Missions: - satelite launch, repair, retrieval - space station crew & cargo delivery - space construction assist - science missions in LEO with dedicated modules - Dimensions: 23 x 18 x 6.7...
  11. Loru

    Project AV-88 Jet/Fan Vtol

    AV-88 is advanced multipurpose jet powered VTOL. It can perform various tasks such as: - search and rescue support (powerfull headlights) - chaseplane function (high subsonic in jet mode) - small transport & cargo drop (1 UCGO box) Planned features: - Working VC - UMMU support (with custom...
  12. Loru

    [Speculation] Limit to singularity size inside the black hole.

    For last few months I've been wondering if there is limit to how matter/energy can be compressed inside black hole. Current understanding (AFAIK) says that when you you pass Chandesekar's limit and Tolman–Oppenheimer–Volkoff limit there is no force stopping the colapse. However question is...
  13. Loru

    Project Hyperion HCLV

    Joint Aerospace Systems proudly anounces Hyperion class launch vehicle. Overview: It's an expendable heavy cargo LV able to put up to 120 tons into LEO indended for "in orbit" construction projects or hauling cargo to other destinations (Moon, Mars). Vehicle data: Cryogenic LH2/LOX core...
  14. Loru

    [Video] Richard Feynman on Quantum Mechanics Lectures

    This is set of lectures made by Richard Feynman on quantum mechanics or to be precise on QED - quantum electrodynamics. Quality is poor but his explanation of light phenomena from QM point of view is fantastic.
  15. Loru

    Project XR3 Phoenix (WIP)

    Hi. :D I'm honoured to announce that developement process of new Altea Aerospace craft has started. Class name: XR3 Phoenix Type: Medium size SSTO spaceplane Propulsion: 4 Rocket Engines, 2 Scram engines More info soon. In the mean time first WIP screenshots:
  16. Loru

    Project Themis-A launch vehicle

    Joint Aerospace Systems proudly anounces Themis-A class launch vehicle. With experience we've gathered over last years we're developing new launch vehicle. Since prevous Themis wasn't the best in terms of performance, stability etc. We're making new incarnation of it. Overview: It's an...
  17. Loru

    Discussion Name proposition for shuttle class vessel

    Hi As few of you have seen already I'm in the process of developing my replacement for Shuttle and kindly I ask you to come up with name proposition for entire class. We have Ravenstar, DG-IV, Vanguard etc. and I can't just name it "Space Shuttle 2". As I'm treating this project very serious...
  18. Loru

    Shuttle Replacement Project

    As it's too early to create dev thread I post it here. As I made significant pprogress in 3d modelling recently, I created a spaceplane mesh that will (hopefully) transform into nice add on. Orbital Vehicle data: Lenght: ~30 meters Wingspan: 20 meters Cargo capacity: 15 tons delta V of OV...
  19. Loru

    Idea South Atlantic Anomaly

    I have an idea of simulating some effects of South Atlantic Anomaly. Inside simulation it can randomally turn on and off MFD's, mess with MFDs and other systems (RCS bursts, hud visual artifacts), maybe some "visual effects" like flashes reported by astronauts over the area. Any thoughts?
  20. Loru

    Project Carl Sagan Space Center (Banaba Island)

    Hi Many of you may have seen early pics of new base I'm developing. Time has come to make it offcial. Carl Sagan Space Center is an island base located on Banaba Island. It's located close to the equator so would be easier to perform GEO/interplanetary missions. It may serve also as backup...