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  1. HAL9001

    Question missile lock - how does it beep

    Hello, everyone, just a small technical question, I'm sure that most odf you can answer... Just I don't know a lot about this... So: as far as I know missile lock systems are working with IR-cameras/sensors. so how does it work that the aircraft wich gets into the missile lock does know about...
  2. HAL9001

    Challenge My first challenge

    So: This is the Scenario - it's more an easy challenge - but i's fascinating wat a normal Spaceshutle can do. You launch the Atlantis from Mars-Northpole - your objective is to dock it to ISS and than land it at Cae Canaveral. This is your scenario: BEGIN_DESC In this chalenge you have to...
  3. HAL9001

    Problem need help at multistage2-development (noob - at least at THIS SDK))

    Hello everyone! i have a problem with a multistage-2-vessel - on the whole: I just don't know how to properly create one. I have that guidance-file: 0=engine(0,23.5,1) 01=engine(23.5,83,5) 13=pitch(90,13,5) 18=pitch(13,7,5) 23=pitch(7,5.5,5) 28=pitch(5.5,4,5) 33=pitch(4,3,5) 38=pitch(3,3,5)...
  4. HAL9001

    Request SDK extra

    Hello everyone, there's one thing I would REALLY like: A sapcecraft-3-sdk extension wich allows me to use formulars instead of values using different parameters/vaariable example: ISP=10000:TAS would lower the ISP when flying faster for air-breathings, for example... empty weight =...
  5. HAL9001

    3d model converting

    Hello, I need a 3ds filoe to be converted to a SolidWorksfile. I know there's a converter, but you need to request a key via e-mail, and at the moment I can't get e-mails... :( :facepalm: so, becuse I'm in hurry (I'm making a project were I need that solid-works-moel for, and it has to be...
  6. HAL9001

    Gaming repairing T-flight-stick-X from thrustmaster

    Hello, I use the T-flight-stick-X from Thrusmaster for different simulators (including orbiter). Now, the slider has some sort of malfunction. The output value "wobbles" from 0 til 100 and is located only a short time in the actual Postion. :( I once screwed on to see if the repair is as easy...
  7. HAL9001

    Who in your opinion was the greater pioneer? Gagarin or Armstrong?

    Who was in your inion the greatest poneer? Yuri Gagarin or Neil Armstrong? Or asked another way (to avoid a big philosophical discussion...) who would you more like to have been?
  8. HAL9001

    XR2 replacing DGIV (poll)

    Helloo, folks with the tie the XR2 seems to replace the DGIV. I like both ships, but i think also DGIV should be more used, I don't like to see it getting replaced. What do you think about that? Should we do something like DGIV-day (anniversary) to make it more popular and revive it again...
  9. HAL9001

    Idea Uragan-SDK

    Hello, folks, most probably a stupid question, but since I'm not a programmer I don't know: would it be possile to integrate Uragans source-code into some kind of spacecraft3.2-SDK, so everyone coould create a weaponed spaceship? greetings:tiphat:, HAL9001
  10. HAL9001

    Flight Question How to open the engine-cover at thortons Soyuz

    Hello folks, I have installed this great sojuz-add-on by Thorton and it's awesome ... but I don't know, how to open the engine cover. Once it opened atomatically, but i don't kniow how to do that. Also te doc-file doesn't help. I would be very thankful for help at his small question...
  11. HAL9001

    Poll Has Apollo left earth orbit?

    This an be definited differently - what do you mean? Did they leave earth-orbit, because the moons gravity was stronger than earth - or didn't they, because moon is in earthorbit, too? (multiple choice is allowed for those, who think that option 1 or 2 is right, but that 3 is right, too)
  12. HAL9001

    [Other] international Video thread

    Since you can't easily translate internet-Videos I thin we needan international Video-thread. It's just to be handeled as the normal Video-thread in the off-topic-section, with the difference that the language of the Video is no matter. :tiphat:, HAL ---------- Post added at 16:56 ----------...
  13. HAL9001

    Request colour-textures

    Hi folks, I woud like to see just one-colour-textures of different colours (black, grey, white, red, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange) as a tool for people who can't create textures. It would be not as good as an own Texture, but better than a completly untextured model. greetings, HAL9001
  14. HAL9001

    Request new XR-ship? (with poll)

    Hello folks, as anounced in the XR-class-fans-group I now make request for a new XR-ship, the XR7 wich should combine the fascinating size of the XR5 with the features and possibilitys (3D-cockpit, maybe working like the standard-DG's or the AR18's one, high speed, high maneuverability, ...). I...
  15. HAL9001

    Question Docking-port-position at the Shuttle PB

    Hello, Folks As first: I now have restared the whole development, and now the Vessel is almoust ready and works. I just need to know one small thing. I now use the Mesh of the ShuttlePB and I now have to know, where I have to add the Docking-port. Can someone just say me, wich code I have to...
  16. HAL9001

    Vessel Could please anyone add UCGO and UMmu to this Vessel

    Hello, Folks I'm just making a Vessel for REOTIO. My version, made with the stationUCGO module didn't work. Well I now gave up to find the bug, could please anyone who knows more about that please just add the possibility to carry up to two UMmu's and up to 4 UCGO-cargos (with a weight up to...
  17. HAL9001

    Problem computer crashes, when I focus my new Vessel

    I'm just developing something for REOTIO and so I already osted this in a discussion of the REOTIO-group, but now I post it here again, because here I have a bigger chance to get helped:
  18. HAL9001

    Question add UCGO to a Vessel

    Hello folks I would like to know, how I can add UCGO-compatibility to a vessel- or spacecraft-file. greetings, HAL9001
  19. HAL9001

    Advanced Question how to add spacecraft3-vessels to scenario?

    How can I add spacecraft-3-vessels to the scenario? I can't add them with the scenario-editor. greets, hal9001
  20. HAL9001

    Challenge Save the ISS! - fly to ISS with a DGIV while ISS flys away from eath

    Hello everyone! I think most of you can fly an DGIV to the ISS. But in this challenge it's a bitsome harder: The iss somehow became to fast and now drifts away from earh. You have to launch your DGIV and reach it and save the crew. (okay, you'll not real save the iss, just the crew) More...