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  1. PeterRoss

    Force, acceleration and speed

    I have always had troubles understanding even basics of physics, and most part I know about it I learned from Orbiter, so you can figure how much I don't know. Could you guys please help me to comprehend the matters specified in the thread title? From what I remember from school and wikipedia...
  2. PeterRoss

    Question How do you pronounce 'Hohmann' in your language?

    I've always pronounced 'Hohmann' in Russian as 'Хохман' which is the exact spelling of 'Hohmann' if you read it letter by letter. My confusion was great when I found that it's generally accepted to be pronounced in Russian as 'Гоман' ('Goman') :blink: Is it the correct way to pronounce 'Hohmann'...
  3. PeterRoss

    News 3-D printer working on lunar regolith
  4. PeterRoss

    Problem Need some help with testing

    This is very simple test and it will take just a few minutes of your time. Everything is described in the thread You will find link to the release build of the .dll that needs testing in one of my comments in the thread. The Probe...
  5. PeterRoss

    Humor Just some cool comix about big rocket, bureaucrats and hell
  6. PeterRoss

    Problem Incorrect normals translation from 3Ds Max into .msh

    I'm new into all the addon-making stuff and I am really interested in it right now (I've even managed to understand the C++ magic and wrote the working .dll module with keyboard-controlled animation:woohoo:). But I've met this problem that really pisses me off: I cannot translate my hand-picked...
  7. PeterRoss

    Poll How do you see the future of humankind?

    First of all, this is not about spacefaring and all the fun stuff we like Orbiter for, it is about politics and economy. This theme was briefly mentioned in one of recent threads, so I'd like to know more opinions about the political/economical future of humankind. I will give you a few options...
  8. PeterRoss

    News Crash landing of Tu154 - 7 of september 2010

    Wow. Just wow. It resembles for me the case with that guy who landed Boeing into Hudson. Link: (it's not some news site, I just have no time now to look for other source of info in english, sorry)
  9. PeterRoss

    Question about Soyuz reentry

    In fact, it's more about pre-reentry stage of flight. I've read in wiki that Soyuz detaches the orbital module before performing deorbit burn. Which means, to my inderstanding, that orbital module remains on near-ISS orbit as a piece of junk? Isn't it dangerous for the ISS and arriving/departing...
  10. PeterRoss

    Spacecraft Advise on heavy exo-atm cargo shuttle?

    I need some exo-atmospheric cargo shuttle capable of lifting a few hundred (thousand will be good) tons of cargo from moon surface to moon orbit in a single run. Can you guys recommend me something? Of course I can use XR5, but I think it's quite senseless to burn additional fuel for dragging...
  11. PeterRoss

    Idea Compiling a multimodular vessel into a single object

    I'm far from all that programming and modelling stuff, so don't hit me if i'm talking some nonsense here, but what do you think about some universal 'compilation' program that will be able to build a single object from docked/attached vessels? I mean not only building single mesh from all the...