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  1. n0mad23

    Project ZTC Boeing X-37 C conversion

    In an attempt to push past a bad case of writers' block and finally finish up my "prequel" to the sci-fi series I've been writing, I've been inspired to do a little modeling and spacecraft3 work again. I really needed a little "space taxi" to play with and see if my ideas on a fictional...
  2. n0mad23

    Request Black Horse One Stop to Orbit

    This one never got any coverage when it was kicked around a few years ago. I wonder if it'd come around the same time as the X-Prize if it would have generated more interest. Still, I think it might be a lot of fun in the Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator environment. The Black Horse as appearing...
  3. n0mad23

    Project ZTC Tortoise Lunar Capsule

    Back when I was working on the Ananke Tether-Sling project, when tblaxland was working on the code for its own dll, I did a kind of mock-up of a lunar craft I wanted for the cislunar tether platform. Originally, this craft was going to be utterly dependent on a rotovator for getting onto and...
  4. n0mad23

    Advanced Question Parent-Child Animations

    I'm trying to animate some legs for a lunar landing craft, and am having trouble figuring out the right approach here. After spending most of my Sunday puzzling over my animations, I thought it's probably time to see if anyone can point me in the right direction. I'm using Spacecraft 3 for...
  5. n0mad23

    LOX/LH2 ratios

    I've been browsing Encyclopedia Astronautica, specifically looking at LOX/LH2 engines and am curious about the mix ratios. Looking at the Ottobrunn lox/lh2 rocket engine, the Vulcain2 for example, the Oxidizer to Fuel Ratio: 6.7. The Pratt and Whitney Cobra has a Oxidizer to Fuel Ratio: 6...
  6. n0mad23

    Problem SC3 VC MFD and HUD problem

    I've been banging my head against proverbial bricks on this, and after spending a day and a half on it, I thought I might see if anyone else has had this problem. Here's the section from my cfg file: [VC] MESHNAME=ztc-Icarus MFD_LEFT=108 MFD_RIGHT=107 HUD=88 HUD_SIZE=0.55...
  7. n0mad23

    Request Lissajous Orbit MFD

    How about it minor-mathematical-deities? I think it'd be a real challenge, but am quite sure that one of you coders-extraordinaire are up to it! I'm the first to admit it's way beyond my current abilities. There's something really intriguing about an "orbit" around a non-mass zone, plus in...
  8. n0mad23

    Support Adding boosters to Velcro Blue Scout style scenario

    With all the Velcro use I thought I'd pose this question to the larger community instead of PMing Sputnik. Maybe someone else will find this useful at some point. Using the Velcro Rockets' scenario "X-15 Blue Scout" as an example, what I'm wondering is if it's possible (and if so how it's...
  9. n0mad23

    Problem multistage as payload or attachment

    On my recent addon in progress I've been using Sputnik's Velcro rockets and attaching stage 1 to the airplane as an attachment, and then creating the second stage, payload, and boosters in the scn file. After playing with the Spacecraft3 ini file last night, I had a head slapping moment and...
  10. n0mad23

    Support adding fuel to Velcro payload

    I'm sure the solution is another I'm overlooking, and I'm hoping someone's got the quick answer here. I've attached Liber's Boeing X-37 onto various Velcro rockets (the Minuteman 1st stage, the Castor 120, etc.) but when the X-37's released, it's always without fuel. Looking at the...
  11. n0mad23

    Project ZanTar-Cheetah B-52 Catamaran

    After discovering Loru's ETS-Prometheus I was inspired to try my hand at a huge catamaran launch platform which is something I've been contemplating doing for a while now. I used Kev33's B-52 as a starting point and have been approaching the platform specifically as a possibility for the...
  12. n0mad23

    Lissajous orbits

    Hi Orbinauts, In my latest browsing I've come across an intriguing document on Lissajous orbits that I thought I'd pass on. This one specifically deals with figure-8 shaped Lissajous orbits around Earth-Moon Libration point 1. The Libration points have been of real interest to me since...
  13. n0mad23

    News 3d models from NASA

    Hello all, Just found this and thought I'd put the link up here. Sorry if it's a duplicate.
  14. n0mad23

    Sticks and stones

    After following (and contributing) to several of the political off-topic threads here, I thought it might be both interesting and potentially educational to dedicate a thread to political language itself. At least in terms of finding common ground in which such a disparate international...
  15. n0mad23

    SC3 animation query

    I'm attempting to get the Tortoise's solar panels working, and find my "hit and miss" approach to animation isn't getting me very far. After the panel assembly folds itself out away from its storage position, I want the panels to unfold. This is the position of the assembly when I'd like this...
  16. n0mad23

    Ananke V0.2 release

    ZTC-Transport Ltd.'s Ananke Tether-Sling release V0.2 is now available at Orbit Hangar. The direct link: Ananke Tether-Sling v0.2 The Ananke now features beacons, external cameras on the catcher assembly, and the AnankePayloadRelease module for even more accurate release times. Also included...
  17. n0mad23

    Spacecraft3 query

    Hi all, In Vinka's Spacecraft3, the Aerodynamic feature is supposed to allow defining "shuttle," "Delta-G," and "capsule" under MODEL for default values. However, after digging through the Orbiter API reference for 2006, I see nothing to suggest this is still supported. Is this a remnant of...
  18. n0mad23

    Character Mesh Help

    I'm playing around in unfamiliar ground here, and wonder if any of you have some advice. Does anyone know what actually qualifies as a "low-poly" character? I've seen numbers as high as 1,000 faces being called such. I've been reducing the faces on one of my pilots, and to my surprise there's...
  19. n0mad23

    Mesh Wizard help

    I'm having a terrible time rotating a mesh. In the attached picture, you can see my mesh is slightly offset, and needs a little tweaking. However, rotating the mesh less than .5 degrees results in nothing happening, and .5 and above results in far too much rotation (see picture #2). The...
  20. n0mad23

    NASA spacecraft reveal cause of auroas

    From MSNBC -