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  1. willy88

    Moon bases could be made with 3D printers How well would the 'mooncrete' stay pressurized, though? Looks like it could save on building supplies, anyways.
  2. willy88

    News RCMP seizes boat containing more than 1 metric ton of cocaine That's approximately $50,000,000. Ugh.
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    House in a bubble?

    I've been wondering if it would be possible, or, better yet, practical, to encase a house and yard inside of an inflatable plastic bubble, in order to control interior climate. Why would anyone want to do this? Because it would be a cool thing to do, that's why. :P
  4. willy88

    Science Some patients in vegetative state may be conscious Nightmare fuel! :leaving:
  5. willy88

    Idea Retro-futuristic spacecraft

    From what I've seen, there seems to be a lack of detailed (panels/systems, etc.) retro-futuristic spacecraft. Spaceplanes seem to be the most detailed 'types' of spacecraft in Orbiter, with the likes of the DGIV, XR1/2/5, DGEX, and all the rest. :P What I'm proposing is a set of...
  6. willy88

    Music shuffle game

    Since I'm bored, I've decided to start one of those infamous forum games. Put your iTunes/WinAmp/WMP/Banshee/iPod/etc. on shuffle, and use it to answer the questions. It doesn't matter if it makes sense or not. :P 1. What does next year have in store for me? "Innocence Faded" (:hide:) 2. Whats...
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    Moving to another country?

    I've been playing around with the idea of moving to another country some time in the future (4-10 years from now). Although I quite like Canada, I'd really like to do something interesting with my life. I've been thinking of Australia, Switzerland, Germany, or maybe the UK or US. Any thoughts?
  8. willy88

    Rant Comic Sans abuse

    I've noticed that the font Comic Sans is overused in pretty much everything. I've seen it used on posters, logos, and, most notably, my science teacher seems to be in love with it. :lol: Example: How am I supposed to take something seriously when it makes me feel like I'm in grade 2? Has...
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    Science Man cured of HIV after stem cell transplant
  10. willy88

    Weird Dreams

    Last night I had a really weird dream. I was in some kind of motorhome, and had my eyeballs replaced with artificial ones that had philips screwdriver holes on them. After realizing that they weren't as good as my old eyes, I went to the bathroom or something and tried to unscrew them with my...
  11. willy88

    Question Feeling microwave radiation

    I know it's completely irrelevant to well, anything, but is it normal to be able to feel the EMR from a microwave oven? I don't feel like looking it up.
  12. willy88

    Request Atomic Rocket

    What I've been wanting for a long time is a Heinlein-esque nuclear-powered rocket. I know there are already Heinlein-y rockets on Orbithangar, but it would be a dream come true if there was one that had complex systems like the DGIV, that is, ability to control the reactor, electrical systems...
  13. willy88

    News WHO Declares First 21st Century Pandemic WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!! :P
  14. willy88

    New Release DGIV Sound Replacement Pack

    I have just released a replacement sound pack for the DGIV on OrbitHangar and Dan's site. It's not a complete replacement, but it does make the DGIV sound quite a bit better, if I do say so myself. :P DGIV Sound Replacement Pack Credits to Doug Beachy for some of the sounds. :cheers...
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    Over the last few days, it has been unbearably hot. At least 30°! The worst part is that it's not supposed to get any better until next week. :tumbleweed: Having said that, what's the weather currently like where you are?
  16. willy88

    Poll Eye Colour

    Stupid, random poll: I was just wondering what the average eye colours here were. Sorry, I'm bored. I have green eyes. Be jealous.
  17. willy88

    News FDA warns to stop using Hydroxycut products Anyone else here who knew that taking Hydroxycut was a bad idea all along? ;)
  18. willy88

    News Yucca Mountain canceled :dry: Yeah, instead of storing radioactive waste in a nice, remote location where it won't harm anyone, let's just leave it lying around the reactor site. I find it kind of funny how Obama went from anti-nuclear, to...
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    Internet Conspiracy nutjob with no grasp of science

    This guy is a hoot: I am in awe.
  20. willy88

    Humor Cabinet door sounds exactly like Chewbacca That's just way too awesome for words. :rofl: