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    Project Orbiter on the Moon by 2029 ? Or sooner !

    Who would like to work on a project, that would see colonizing the moon by 2029 ? I don't think, in real life it would be that difficult. Other than being very expensive, I think it could be done with the rockets and modules that are already in planning and development. I think it would be alot...
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    Question Docking physics simulation.

    Has anyone given any thought, to simulate the docking physics ? Would it be possible to impart motion, to vessels immediately after docking, or glancing off, if the docking point wasn't quite lined up ?
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    New Release HTV 7 Addon

    New HTV 7 mission, includes the HTV vehicle with it's external payload, of replacement batteries and adapter plates. Plus new S4 and P4 modules for extracting the old NiH2O batteries. HTV 7 addon
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    Search Up to date ISS ?

    I was wondering if anyone (besides myself), keeps an up to date ISS on Orbiter ?
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    Software Orbiter.log missing under Window 7

    I just switched over to windows 7 and copied my orbiter stuff to it. Problem is I have no orbiter.log file. Any suggestions ?
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    Portable Space Sim

    Something I developed, and hope to use to, inspire space science to kids. I have most of the hardware, and will be using Orbiter (duh!) I would like some ideas to best impliment it, and how best to hook-up the hardware to run as a simulator. I have 2 computers, running Windows 7 with 2 big...
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    SSU lite ?

    I believe we need a more computer friendly shuttle model. The one that is being done by DaveS now is way to massive as far as polys go. This will never be able to fly missions to the ISS AtoZ, or even carry the payloads, without being a slide show. I think we should consider a much scaled down...
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    Request Tow vehicle ?

    Can someone code a tow vehicle? Or is it not possible yet.
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    New Release Tiangong 1 Released !!

    Here is a scenario that will allow you to track the Tiangong 1 realtime.
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    General Question What is the minimum altitude for undocking?

    Is there a minimum altitude for undocking in Orbiter, that won't cause a problem ?
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    Problem Sketchpad Error message at Orbiter start-up

    I have a problem at start up. After I click OK, it runs normal, but it is annoying. I get this screen, can someone tell me how to fix it.
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    Misc Project Jason

    I finally got the stack working with velcro rockets, Thank you Sputnik !! If anyone can do autopilots with velcro rockets and would like to help on this project, let me know.
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    Nice day for dog training !

    A mild autumn day in a old cranberry bog. What a life. :thumbup:
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    A hopefully short break from Orbiter.

    Hello All, I will be taking a short break from Orbiter (hopefully) because I will be going in for shoulder surgery in a week, on my mouse hand side. I have been assured by the Doc that all should go well, but I'm a firm believer in tipping the scales in my favor through prayer, so if anyone is...
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    SDK Question More shadows ?

    Would it be possible, to incorporate shadows, to all light sources ? :leaving:
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    Expansion of the Universe ?

    When I was just ot of high school, in the seventies (God has it been that long?) Carl Sagan was explaining how the universe's expansion was slowing down. Now it is expanding at an ever faster rate than realized. What happened since then ?
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    Cancellation of the Space Shuttle Program - Shameful !!

    When Barak Obama was elected president, the new first lady said it was the first time, she was not ashamed of her country. Well, with the cancellation of the space shuttle program, it is the first time that I've been ashamed of it. All three ships, still have many years of productive service...
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    Request A light with an on/off switch ?

    Could someone make a spot light .dll that can be turned on and off, be attached and only shine in one direction ?
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    ISSU Robotics Project

    Who would be interested in working on an ISS robotics project ? We have all the meshes and probably alot of kinematics code from SiameseCat and Kwan. I think this would be a really cool addon. Any takers ??