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  1. barrygolden

    Problem AMSO issue

    Any new ideas on the AMSO LM and EVA guy's above the dirt and keeping the LM up right when moving it on the ground ?
  2. barrygolden


    Is any one working on the DART Mission ?
  3. barrygolden

    Question Moon lander delayed

    2 month delay so far to pick 2 landing systems was released Jan 27. NASA administrator on Jan 16 said didn't get the funding to support the 2024 landing. New admiration has not indicated their plans for NASA
  4. barrygolden

    Default ISS

    Any one working on a new updated default ISS ?
  5. barrygolden

    Vessel Gemini 5

    Gemini 5 had some sort of radio box with a strobe light in the back of the service module and was deployed but the fuel cell issue cancelled the fly around. I thought I was this one OH. does anyone know if that is so ?
  6. barrygolden

    Request MSL and the Comet

    MSL is going to have a front row seat to quite a show. Its sad that No one has done an MSL addon that we could use for the once in a life time event. I was told that orbiter doesn't do Comet tails but if some one has any ideas it would make a nice addon to see the comet using MRO or MAVEN to see...
  7. barrygolden

    MFD 3D world

    NASA had a screen in the MCC called 3D world. Any one working on that in orbiter?
  8. barrygolden

    Vessel Shuttle paypoads that flew and unflown

    GAZZA and the update by DAVID413 are great but there are a lot more payloads that were flown and some planed and were unflown it would be great to see these fly
  9. barrygolden

    Problem broken 2010

    A lot of the addons that I have tried for 2010 seem not to work. Any body have any ideas? Barry