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  1. Wedge313

    Apollo 14: V47 vs. V66 After CSM S.V. Uplink?

    Hi, Just completed MCC-6 on my way back to earth, and I have a question... Earlier in the flight after uplinking the CSM S.V. they did a V66 to set it into the LM slot. Now after the CSM S.V. uplink they have us doing a V47 to set the LM S.V. into the CSM slot. Why the difference? Is it...
  2. Wedge313

    Apollo LM Ascent: "Zero POS/NEG Cells"?

    Hi, Running through the Apollo 14 LM Ascent. A few questions: On the flight plan, at about 140:50 it indicates two uplinks to the LM, the CSM S.V. at liftoff and "Zero POS/NEG Cells" . What should I do for the "Zero POS/NEG Cells" uplink? Also, another V47E 414+1 question: After I do the...
  3. Wedge313

    Apollo 14: RTCC LM S.V. and CSM S.V. Update Procedure

    Hello again, I'm having problems with the Apollo 14 lunar descent, and I'm trying to figure out where I'm going wrong. I'd like to ask a few questions as I troubleshoot. Let's start with a RTCC procedural question: I'm at about 106:30 on the flight plan, and I'm supposed to uplink to the LM...
  4. Wedge313

    Apollo 14 LOI Burn: OXID FLOW VLV to INCR?

    Hi, Quick procedural question: Just prior to the LOI burn the Apollo 14 checklist has a step "OXIDIZER FLOW VALVE INCR-INCR (VERIFY)". During the burn this quickly result in an imbalance between the fuel and oxidizer. It didn't look "normal" to me so I balanced out the fuel and oxid then left...
  5. Wedge313

    Apollo 17 LOPC Burn RTCC Planning Question

    Hello! Again I'm asking for some RTCC help. I'm getting ready for the LM ascent. I'm trying to set up for the CSM plane change, but it looks like I'm trying to do two things at once here- a plane change and a circularization. And I can't figure out how to plan it. Unless I missed something...
  6. Wedge313

    Apollo 17: Lunar Rover Deployment?

    Hello. How do you deploy the LRV? I've begun the Apollo-17 EVA-1, and I can't figure out how to deploy the LRV or the flag. I thought "F" did the flag and "V" did the rover (I got them both deployed on Apollo 16), but I'm having no luck on 17. Thanks
  7. Wedge313

    Apollo 17 DOI-1 Planning with RTCC?

    Hello, I'm running Apollo 17, I'm currently in a 170 x 51 orbit around the moon after LOI. It looks like the orbit has me passing pretty much over the intended landing site. I'm trying to use the RTCC to plan the DOI-1 burn. Another learning opportunity for me, both in how to use the RTCC and in...
  8. Wedge313

    Apollo 17: Post-TLI S-IVB Maneuver to SEP ATT Problem

    Hello, I'm having a problem with the S-IVB. When it begins it's maneuver to the SEP attitude, it develops very high rates and quickly is in an uncontrollable tumble. Viewing the maneuver from the exterior view it appears only one of the APS units is functioning. I'm not sure how I got myself...
  9. Wedge313

    Apollo 17 Launch Time Change and Azimuth Update Steps

    It looks like the Apollo 17 scenario is set up for the originally scheduled launch time of 02:53. How do I go about changing the launch time to match up with the actual launch time (05:33) after the delay? I think I see how to get the updated launch azimuth (RTCC UTI>IU>LAU) then V78E to input...
  10. Wedge313

    Apollo 16 LOPC-2 and Shape Questions

    Hi. Just completed the Apollo 16 flight, almost 50 years exactly from the actual mission. Casper is bobbing safely in the warm Pacific waters. I had a few questions about two maneuvers that were scheduled on the original Apollo 16 flight plan but were later scratched: LOPC-2 and the Shape burn...
  11. Wedge313

    Apollo 16 LM Aborts

    I tried two aborts, one using the PNGS and one using the AGS. This might turn out to be fun..... As a starting point I picked a time right after P64 pitchover. I only did one of each so it's a small sample size, but few questions: The PNGS abort resulted in an orbit 9.9 x 67.4 which seems to...
  12. Wedge313

    Apollo 16 Lunar Descent: P63 and AGS Preparation Questions

    First the good news, Orion has landed safely at Descartes. The procedural guidance that you all provided for the Apollo 15 flight I did served me well once again, so thanks. But a few questions: I've been trying to work more on the AGS procedures, but I hit an early snag when I'm asked to load...
  13. Wedge313

    Apollo 16 Post LOI-1 Questions

    Just completed the LOI-1 burn. The good news is the orbit is 170 x 59, and appears to pass over Descartes. But a few things that I have questions about.... When I calculated MCC-4, my PAD attitude had my yaw at 283 degrees, which would have put me into a gimbal lock situation. I wasn't sure...
  14. Wedge313

    Apollo 16 MCC-1 RTCC Calculation

    I'm in the early stages of the Apollo 16 mission, running the RTCC calculations for MCC-1. Another learning opportunity presents itself. I'm using Option #4. The initial calculation comes up with a 7 fps maneuver, but it gives me an LOI burn time of 74:56:35. The Flight Plan shows LOI at...
  15. Wedge313

    Apollo 15: Lunar Ascent Preparation and RTCC Procedures?

    Hello, After a nice long stay on the lunar surface it's time to head home, and I'm (again) looking for guidance on using the RTCC to generate the necessary uplinks and PADs to get me from A to B. I have looked through the RTCC manual and the RTCC MFD Input Reference Guide and I'm still not sure...
  16. Wedge313

    NASSP: Display Mission Timer?

    Hi, Is there a way to display the mission time separately on the screen? I've seen videos where this has been done, but can't see how I'd do it. Thanks.
  17. Wedge313

    Apollo 15 Post Orbital Insertion Procedures Question

    Hi, Running the Apollo 15 scenario, and just achieved orbit. The PAMFD Post Orbital Insertion checklist instructs you to turn off the CM RCS PRPLNT 1 & 2, and check both talkbacks barberpoled (I don't see this step in the Apollo 15 or AOH checklists). Later we run the CM RCS Monitoring...
  18. Wedge313

    Apollo 16: Launch, Insertion Questions.....

    Hello. Attempting to run the Apollo 16 mission, and as I go along a lot of questions are piling up, and I wanted to ask a few.... Before launch we set up the EMS, set the counter to 6999.9 and leave it in STBY. Does that ever get switched to NORMAL? I couldn't find it in the checklists. What...
  19. Wedge313

    NASSP WIP Scenarios: Where to go after Apollo 11?

    Hello, Just splashed down, completing the Apollo 11 mission. And now I'm hooked. I would like to try another mission, preferably one of the Apollo 12 -17 flights (I've completed Apollo 8 and 11, and wrestled with 9). I'm using NASSP v1702. The Apollo WIP Scenario files show the Apollo 12-17...
  20. Wedge313

    General Question Apollo LM FDAI and Gimbal Lock?

    Hi, Can someone help me find information about the LM FDAI and how the markings on the outer bezel are intended to help you avoid gimbal locK? I know I've come across a good discussion somewhere but I'm struggling to find it. Thanks.