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  1. Marijn

    Flight Question XR5 Round-trip cargo delivery mission to Mars without refueling on difficult/realistic settings

    The plan is to transport as many standard AIA containers to Olympus Base as possible and return to KSC without refueling along the way. I've chosen a trajectory from NASA's Trajectory Browser in the near future optimizing for duration (lowest). Here's a screenshot of the plan...
  2. Marijn

    Flight Question How to aim for a landing on Earth in daylight

    When I launch the default 'Landed at Brighton Beach' scenario of the XR5 vessel and take-off for a flight to Earth using a direct entry, I arrive in the middle of the night at Cape Canaveral. Also, it's always a bit of a surprise whether I end up approaching from the north or south. I am using...
  3. Marijn

    How to calculate sunrise and sunset times for a particular location

    Hello, For my DIY smart lighting system, I am downloading data from once a day to get various timestamps for nautical dawn, sunrise, solar noon etc. for my location. This API is bugged in some situations. Also, it's my only dependency on the internet which I like...
  4. Marijn

    News WWII bomber recovery in the Markermeer lake ends 12 year mystery

    In 2008, a boat that had broken down on the Markermeer lake around six miles north-east of Amsterdam dropped anchor while waiting for rescuers. When they pulled it up, they found a piece of aircraft machinery attached. The piece was given to Johan Graas who's curiosity for aircraft recovery...
  5. Marijn

    Help with TLE to azimuth and elevation function

    Hello all, For a fun project (my smart lighting), I am looking for a function which outputs the azimuth and elevation along with the associated timestamps of an earth-orbiting object at a given location on earth. Much like the info on Unfortunately, they never...
  6. Marijn

    Bug Small bug affecting the autopilot of the XR class vessels

    Here's a little bug I've noticed a while ago. I doesn't really bother me but I might as well report it. When flying inverted at exactly -180 degrees roll, if you use the 'sync' feature of the autopilot, it doesn't recognize the minus. If you roll over to -175 degrees, there's no problem. But at...
  7. Marijn

    Near Earth Black Hole found

    1000 lightyears that is. The previous closest one was V616 Monocerotis at 2800 lightyears. I assume the radius of the event horizon is the same as other 4 solar mass black holes, which would be almost 12km. Here's a translation from the local media:
  8. Marijn

    News Betelgeuse is acting strange
  9. Marijn

    News Ball of fire sighted above NW Europe

    Today at ~14:45 (GMT+2) there was a ball of fire visible above The Netherlands, followed by reports from England, Germany and Denmark. This is the second ball of fire in 2.5 months time. That's unusual.
  10. Marijn

    Problem Launchpad remains empty for eight seconds

    Yesterday I finally upgraded to Win10 from Win81. I also updated the driver for my graphics card (GeForce 950M). The process wasn't entirely without troube, so I am unsure how stable my system is at the moment. Everything appears to be normal. But since then, when launching Orbiter 2016, the...
  11. Marijn

    Flight Question Mars arrival planning

    To plan my flights to Mars, I am using IMFD. This MFD requires a depart and an arrival date to provide a solution for the interplanetart transfer. To minimize fuel consumption, I am doing direct reentries without entering a parking orbit. Sometimes, the periapsis happens to be close to Olympus...
  12. Marijn

    News Bye bye Opportunity

    Three months. That was the original plan for Opportunity to explore the red planet. It turned out to be fifteen years. But all good things must have an end. After eight months of radio silence, people expect that NASA will declare the end of this mission later today...
  13. Marijn

    Calculate AROT to orient a vessel prograde

    For my scenario tooling, I want to calculate meaningful numbers for AROT so the scenario will start with the vessel oriented in a predifined orientation. As a start, I want to be able to calculate the numbers I need to orient the vessel prograde for any given orbit. I have spent quite a bit of...
  14. Marijn

    News WATCH LIVE: SpaceX Falcon9 T-15 mins

    #Iridium-8 @10:31 pm EST
  15. Marijn

    News Mysterious radio signals from deep space detected
  16. Marijn

    How to calculate MeanLongitude for planet

    I am trying to create a planet for Orbiter. Actually, it's going to be an asteroid, but I assume the implementation of asteroids is no different than planets. I decided to use asteroid Bennu as an example. Currently, the relevant part of my cfg file looks like: ; === Planetary Mean Orbits ===...
  17. Marijn

    IMFD Question about IMFD Surface Launch Program

    Hello all, I would like some help with IMFD's Surface Launch Program. The trajectory I am trying to set up comes from NASA's trajectory browser. It's a 192-day trip to Mars. Departe MJD (TMI burn) is 59064.5. Arrival MJD is 59256.5. In the left MFD, I select the Mars and set these MJD's up in...
  18. Marijn

    Question Exporting a geometry to Orbiter's mesh file format

    Hello all, For the add-on I am working on, I would like some help or advice on Orbiter's mesh file format. The plan is to create meshes on the fly for any asteroid in the Asterank database for use in Orbiter 2016. Since my application is running on Google Apps Script, I did have a look at some...
  19. Marijn

    Three Spitfires bought by entrepreneur

    Dutch entrepreneur Frits van Eerd, sponsor of Max Verstappen, bought two Spitfires, a Mk.16 and a LFVIII. One of these Spits, the TB885, flew in 1945 with 322 Dutch suqadron of the RAF. The Spitfires crossed the channel in secrecy on the 15th of september this year and stayed overnight in...
  20. Marijn

    General Question Orbiter in-game help

    Hello, My Orbiter root folder contains a Html\Scenarios\Default subfolder. When I create a html document with instructions for a scenario, the html is shown in the tab area on the launchpad, as expected. I like to have this html file available in-game. But it seems this html cannot be shown...